Harnessing the Power of Generative AI to Enhance Your Content Creation

As the world of recruitment, creation and copywriting progresses, it’s important to stay ahead of the crowd. To achieve this, you need to find new methods for producing content that is sure to capture the attention of potential employers and customers alike. Generative Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most reliable tools for doing […]

The Power of Ask Me Anything

Bertha Ai and the power of the Ask Me Anything Module

Hello there. It’s Andrew Palmer from Bertha. AI. There has been a lot of chat about a particular chat bot the GPT chatbot, and it’s fantastic. You can ask it any kind of questions, you can have a chat with it. But do you know what? Bertha . AI has had the Ask Me Anything […]

What Tone of Voice should you use for your website copy?

What Tone of Voice should you use for your website copy?

When it comes to the tone of voice for your website copy, it really depends on the overall tone and voice of your brand.It’s important to decide what kind of messaging you want to create on your website before getting started. If you don’t plan ahead of time, your website copy will likely be inconsistent with different tones.

How to write irresistible product descriptions on your e-commerce website

How to write irresistible product descriptions on your ecommerce website.

Are you ready to take your e-commerce website to the next level? Then you need to learn the secret to writing irresistible product descriptions. Product descriptions are one of the most important elements on an e-commerce website. They are what convince customers to buy your products, and they also play a role in how well […]

How to use an FAQ page as a sales tool

How To Use An FAQ Page As A Sales Tool.

Including a Frequently Asked Questions section on your website is a great way to get out in front of possible objections, minimize time spent by you and your staff answering questions via phone or email, and also provide a “self-service” method for potential customers to get information about your product or service. They can also […]

10 Advantages of using an AI copy assistant inside WordPress

The Bertha.ai icon showing inside a text field on a contact us page

What if your AI assistant was right where you are already working – in the WordPress dashboard? No more jumping between apps or browser windows. No endless copy-pasting. Bertha is right there where you need her, when you need her. Here are 10 of the best ways to use an AI copywriting assistant inside WordPress.

Writing for SEO with Bertha and Yoast

Bertha the robot and Yoasie the Yoast owl illustrations pictured over the SEO section of a WordPress page.

If you’re looking to improve your SEO and get more traffic to your website, then you need to know how Bertha and Yoast work together. When combined, these two powerful tools will help you write faster and rank higher in search engines. Let’s take a look at how they work and what they can do for […]

Have I got news for you!

The big announcement first: We have a new Chief Marketing Officer in Stephanie Hudson, a stalwart of podcasts, web site design, build and support! Bertha and her are already becoming the best of friends. ???? Stephanie and our co-founders Andrew and Vito will be attending WordCamp Europe in Porto, Portugal next week.  ???? To celebrate […]

Taking a look at our value pricing

As a team, we’ve been looking over our pricing (mostly with my keen robot eyes ????) and have come to the conclusion that we are by far the most competitive in the industry when it comes to how many words you can use and of course, how many users are able to use Bertha AI.

Bertha AI is now available on the WordPress Repository

bertha ai on the WordPress repository

Bertha Ai is an AI-based writing assistant that has been trained on hundreds of billions of lines of content to help you write better content for your WordPress website. Bertha is available now as a free plugin. So, if you’re looking to increase the quality and volume of your blog posts, or just want some […]

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