10 Advantages of using an AI copy assistant inside WordPress

You know how important it is to keep your website content fresh. But coming up with new ideas week after week can be tough. That’s where an AI copywriting assistant can be a huge asset.

Here are a few advantages of using an AI copywriting assistant:

  1. An AI copywriting assistant can help you to come up with ideas for your content.
  2. An AI copywriting assistant can help you to write headlines and SEO titles.
  3. An AI copywriting assistant can help you to improve the quality of your writing.
  4. An AI copywriting assistant can help you to save time on your writing projects.

What if your AI assistant was right where you are already working – in the WordPress dashboard?

The Bertha.ai icon showing inside a text field on a contact us page

Having an AI copywriting assistant right inside (or write inside?) WordPress is absolutely the most convenient option. No jumping between apps or browser windows. No endless copy-pasting. Bertha is right there where you need her, when you need her.

There are literally DOZENS of places Bertha will show up when you need her. Here are 10 of my favorites (in no particular order):

1. Contact Form Blurb

“Send a message below?” YAWN.

Let Bertha spice up your Contact page by offering some interesting and inviting copy to encourage proper use of your contact form. From now on, visitors won’t try to place an order (seriously?) or do a search (um, NO) via the contact form.

2. Case Study Generator

Case Studies of your past projects are huge for building trust, but they can be overwhelming to compose. Don’t worry, Bertha can help! Enter your company info, the client’s name, the problem you helped them solve and let Bertha take it from there. She will generate an inspirational case study that you can use on your website using the STAR Method.

The STAR Method is a structured manner of responding to questions by addressing the: Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

3. E-commerce Product Description

If you have an e-commerce website, then you know that product descriptions are KEY.  But writing the perfect description for EVERY PRODUCT can be time-consuming, and soul draining. Bertha can help you to write e-commerce product descriptions quickly and easily. Just enter some basic information about the product and Bertha will do the rest.

Check out this related article by our friends at Yoast: How to write an SEO-friendly product description with Bertha.ai

4. SEO Keyword Suggestions

If you’re looking to improve your website’s SEO, Bertha can suggest keywords that you can use in your content to help improve your ranking in search engines. And because she’s integrated with WordPress, it’s easy to add the keywords she suggests right into the Keyword or Keyphrase fields of your SEO Plugin.

Did you know Bertha loves Yoast SEO? 

5. Button CTA Text

Forget boring ol’ “Click Here” or “Submit.” Let Bertha help you write compelling copy for even the smallest of micro interactions. The text field of a button module in your favorite page builder or plugin will show your favorite robot assistant right inside the field ready to help you get more clicks on those buttons.

6. Blog Post Intro and/or Conclusion

Ok this is a 2-fer! Bertha will generate an introductory or conclusion paragraph for any blog post in seconds. You might have the meat-and-potatoes of your blog post in mind, but how do you get started? And even more tricky – how to you wrap it all up in a nice neat bow?

Bertha makes writing intro paragraphs and conclusions for blog posts easy and fast. She has a knack for taking complex topics and breaking them down into bite-sized, easy to understand pieces. With her simple and straightforward interface, you can get your point across quickly and efficiently.

And, of course, she’s right there where you need her in the post editor, no matter which page builder or theme you are using.

7. Paragraph Generator

Bertha’s Paragraph Generator might be her secret super power. You can use this epic prompt in almost any scenario: Blog post, About page, Home page, Services section. Anywhere you need to string together a few sentences on a single topic, the Paragraph Generator is there for you.

No need to get out of the flow of writing your article or designing your page. Bertha will be right inside the text field. Hit the purple icon and select “Paragraph Generator” from the list of prompts.

8. SEO Meta Description

Because the page description shows up in SERPs right under the page title, it is an invaluable tool for getting click throughs to your content. When you click in the description field of your SEO plugin, Bertha will be right there to offer suggested page descriptions.

Bertha works especially well with her good friend Yoasie, the Yoast owl. Learn more about using Bertha with Yoast.

9. Content Rephraser

Not confident with what you wrote? Or maybe it’s just time to update some stale copy on your site. Either way, Bertha is here to help. Click into any text block – even if it already has text in it – and Bertha will appear. Paste the existing text into her prompt, and Boom! watch as a fresh new version of your content pops up in moments.

10. AIDA Framework

Sell more products by stimulating Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA!). When you are looking to motivate your audience by using the AIDA Framework, click on the purple Bertha icon in any text block on your site and select the AIDA Framework prompt.

You will have to give Bertha some clues in order for her to do her best work. Enter a brief product description, your brand name, your ideal customer, and the tone of voice you’d like her to write in. That’s it! She will generate compelling copy that is sure to get your visitors to “Add to Cart”!

Are you ready to give Bertha a try?

As you can see, Bertha AI is a no-brainer when it comes to using an AI copywriting assistant on your WordPress websites.
I promise she will completely revolutionize your website copywriting process within just a few uses. Free accounts get 1,000 words per month, so there’s no reason to wait. Sign up and take Bertha for a spin today.


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