Taking a look at our value pricing

We always love to give great value as we want to provide the greatest service when it comes to AI content creation.

As a team, we’ve been looking over our pricing (mostly with Bertha’s keen robot eyes ????) and have come to the conclusion that we are by far the most competitive in the industry when it comes to how many words you can use and of course, how many users are able to use Bertha AI.

No restriction on the amount of users from the beginning

Bertha has no restriction on the amount of users, and that makes her pretty unique (if we may say so ourselves!).

The word counts for generation give you enough to play with and produce great content for your website, and we like to think we take out any jargon in our pricing like – runs and tokens.

What you see in our pricing is exactly what you get.
Loads of words across all models and – usage across as many websites as you like in our various tiers.

You can even use Bertha anywhere if you have a spare WordPress install and simply use the copy and paste facility to paste your formatted text – well, anywhere. And, you always know where Bertha has stored your favorites, history and archived posts – Bertha can be your very own content generation robot, wherever you are writing.

In all paid plans, users can allocate words across each website they are working on – that is a fantastic facility and we know it helps you manage your Bertha Account across your clients and websites.

So, What’s new about the pricing?

Previously, for $30.00 a month you got 3 websites, 20,000 words a month and unlimited users across those 3 websites – that is now changing to 5 websites and 50,000 words a month. (this also changes for existing premium users – seems only fair.)

In our unlimited package, you get unlimited websites and unlimited users – So, no changes there as we cannot offer any better value than that, right?

If you’re unsure how AI can help you write better copy – take a look at our recent testimonials here and rest assured each and every one of them is a genuine customer.

We have some from Facebook too.


Here’s some favourite things that I personally love about Bertha.

???? NO credit card needed to use the free version. It’s just – FREE

???? So easy to install, set up and use – It’s one of the smoothest sign up processes we have seen

???? Long Form Creation (premium) is perfect for story tellers across the World

???? Evil Bertha – just far too much fun to play around with!

???? Whatever language you use to input your text, Bertha understands and is one of the most accurate Ai’s out there. We’re working even harder to help you choose the language out too. So, keep signed up to the newsletters and we’ll always let you know how that’s going.

???? NEW: We love issuing new templates that are useful to you as web developers, designers and users. For example: Real Estate listings, get more out of your listings by using Bertha to describe the property, the area and the benefit of purchasing right now! You can even use this template to improve your listings in directory websites too – go on give it a try – it’s a premium offering but well worth it just for the experience.

???? Built in tutorials. It was a dream of mine to have built in video tutorials for Bertha and we made that happen last month. NO longer do you have to go to YouTube or sign up to an academy to learn how to use Bertha – Although, we are building an academy for premium users to DEEP DIVE into things like SEO, Writing Styles, Building a great Website using Bertha – we still think its awesome that our short tutorials are in every template.

So, don’t delay in signing up to our premium plans. They are great value. Bertha will always be there when you need her and we are looking forward to bringing even more to Bertha to make your job easier as content creators.

Ohh! I nearly forgot – we have Swag – go take a look at our products right here – and get to use Bertha Swag – with Pride.

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