The future of blogging with Bertha AI

Bertha AI is a new WordPress plugin that helps bloggers to write their posts.

She uses the latest artificial intelligence technology in order to understand your posts, analyze them and provide you with the right words to express what you want to say.

You know how to write a blog post. But it takes you hours, sometimes days or even weeks to finish one of your posts. And then there are things like social media and keywords that need your attention.

Bertha AI

With Bertha Ai’s help, you can spend more time focusing on the rest of your business!

Her algorithm uses machine learning technology and natural language processing techniques to analyze what you wrote about in previous posts so she can suggest relevant content for you, your customers and your readers.

Imagine getting back 3-5 extra hours per week – that is exactly what will happen when using Bertha AI.

She will save bloggers an average of 90 minutes per day by suggesting relevant topics based on their own writing style, previously written texts and posting schedule.

The key features of Bertha AI are:

1) Outstanding speed: Bertha AI can generate a blog post in just 10 minutes from scratch, which is just about 10x faster than the average human blogger.

2) Smart voice: Bertha AI can write posts in different tones to make them sound friendly, conversational, or formal as you need.

3) Rich content: Bertha AI has access to thousands of topics with over 20 templates so that she never repeats or plagiarizes anything.

4) Easy management of all your blog post output and, with favourites and copy and paste, you can use Bertha AI outside of WordPress too.

5) Long Form so you are the Boss of where and when you post your content.

There are some exciting things coming to Bertha AI and her loyal users over the next few days – here’s some of what you can expect W/C 10th January 2022

Free users get more words. Because Bertha AI is built on WordPress and her Founders are all about sharing and know that ‘Bootstrapping’ is in all of our DNA.

We are giving away more free words every single month to our users. And….. its a big AND – we are also adding a facility where users can buy more words on a one off basis with NO, you heard it – NO Subscription necessary.

Imagine this: you are a free user, you are in the middle of a knock out blog post and you just RAN OUT OF WORDS!


Now, if you are using any other AI Writing Assistant you have to decide whether or not to sign up to a monthly subscription just to finish that blog post – soon, with Bertha AI you don’t.

We are adding a capability for anyone, on any plan, including FREE!, to simply ADD MORE WORDS at a one off cost. So much less hassle, right?

We are adding a TRASH facility on favorites, and in the Bertha AI generated history too because, sometimes, we all need a good clear out.

We are adding a feedback form on Bertha AI if something just didn’t feel right, or Bertha AI did not produce what you expected, you get to tell us – this helps her get better, every single day.

We are also adding a much requested function allocating words per domain through your account. As Bertha Ai has always been about unlimited users & on the top plans, unlimited websites – we think this is a fantastic feature for Agencies and freelancers that resell this service.

So, why would a free user upgrade to a paid monthly plan if they can buy more words without a subscription?

Premium users get:



and, all additions to the platform as a matter of course.

So, its clear to see, it’s well worth upgrading to premium.

There is so much more planned in the Road Map so, expect more updates soon, especially on the ability to white label – which, if you are an Atarim user, already happens as its aligned with the white label options within that software.

Don’t let time be your enemy – start using Bertha AI today – What are you waiting for?

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