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When Vito Peleg and I launched Bertha AI, it was a partnership between two pretty successful WordPress guys trying to make things better for users, customers and the community.

Between us we have built or own plugins and SaaS products that serve over 200,000 users. Its plain to see, we love what we do and continue to innovate daily.

We wanted to offer a solution that helped people get the very best out of WordPress and of course the latest innovation in AI.

Forefront of our mind was a Bertha AI Partnership method of spreading the news. After all, Bertha AI is an outstanding AI copy writing solution built right into WordPress and the WordPress community has got right behind us and Bertha AI – But, how could we make her better?

We could add models that help with introductions, mission statements, blog writing and SEO and meta tags. We could add models that basically write it all for you from just a couple of lines of text from the user. We could also add some fun! Enter ‘Evil Bertha!.

We have ticked all the above boxes and there is so much more to come.

We wanted to ensure all WordPress users from classic press, Gutenberg, all the page builders and even users that wanted to write in long form and publish elsewhere or, maybe even get the opportunity to write a book about well, just about anything could do that – we’ve achieved that.

How are we doing so far?

Pretty good. We have over 1,250 users who have access to 1,000 words a month, we are gaining new premium members each and every day who have access to all our models and a range of options from 10,000 words a month to over 500,000 words a month. And Bertha AI is now fully self sufficient as far as $MRR is concerned. Not bad for a platform that was launched at the end of September 2021.

Partnerships with Visual Composer helped our growth and compatibility, and now, we have partnered with Atarim to ensure users can utilize the power of Bertha AI in total alignment with the power of Atarim – making sure clients and Agencies can take full advantage of their content gathering, generation and content management requirements.

We launched our Affiliate program just a little while back and every single paid user is assigned an Affiliate code. If they choose to share the link – they can earn 20% of the recurring revenue we get after the 14 day refund period has elapsed. It’s a great way to a) promote Bertha AI and b) to earn a relatively passive income.


Currently, the project is self funded with investment from the founders which includes cash, resources and of course a ‘small’ amount of talent 😉

Recently, due to the Buzz surrounding AI, we have had approaches from web hosts to ask how we can integrate Bertha AI into their offering to enhance their packages. We have a solution and if you are a web host looking to integrate Bertha AI into your offering, hit us up here and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We have also been approached by a number of investors asking how they too could get on this AI train.

It’s plain to see the interest in AI Copy Writing when you have massive investments coming into the SaaS version of Copy Writing AI services. Bertha AI is no different. and with potential to access over 455 Million WordPress websites out there – the market opportunity is almost beyond imagination.

On the one-year anniversary of Copy AI launch on Twitter, the company, a GPT-3 AI-powered platform that generates copywriting tools for business customers, secured another round of funding.

This time, the company brought in an $11 million Series A round, led by Wing Venture Capital, with participation from existing investors Craft Ventures and Sequoia, and new investors including Tiger Global and Elad Gil. This follows a $2.9 million seed round announced in March and brings the company’s total funding to $13.9 million. Source: Techcrunch

It’s very clear to us as founders that we have built an awesome AI Copy Writing Tool within WordPress. Our users love Bertha AI and the compliments keep flooding in!

Bertha AI founders will never say no to a sensible conversation on investing in our platform.

So, if you are interested in seeing what the future holds for Bertha AI with YOUR investment. Get in touch with me here and mention Bertha AI Partnerships and lets see what happens.

In the meantime, you can follow our progress on Facebook, Twitter and of course on our blog right here.

Give Bertha AI a try today, you will love her almost as much as we do!

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