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Gathering content is a nightmare for both clients and web developers. With so much to say – there is sometimes a chance that you cannot even get the first words into a website about us page or the home page.

It has been like this since people started building websites!

Atarim makes websites easier to build, faster and more professional with content gathering tools, dashboard analytics and awesome support options, so you as a developer can see where you are at with any given project, email alerts and a whole lot more.

With the total integration of Bertha AI. Comment boxes are now able to be filled with relevant content directly by you or your clients.

As web developers, you can even add the content for your client to comment on within Atarim – Making you shine even brighter! 

Bringing together Atarim and Bertha AI Copywriting assistant was always our aim- after all our founders Vito – (He built Atarim) and Andrew – (He uses Atarim on a daily basis), it was a no brainer. 

Atarin integration with Bertha AI

Together, these two powerful services will end the paradigm of content gathering, allowing you to easily add real value to your projects, instead of wasting time on collecting all the data from your client manually!

Atarim even gift you website templates so you can get on your development cycle quicker – imagine presenting a full site layout with pages WITH the relevant content on the home page, in blurbs, calls to actions and even a contact page call to action. Your client will be much more inclined to sign off a draft when the content is already there. 

Bertha AI can help you in so many ways in your content gathering tasks. Making sure the content is available allows you to produce more sites, quicker and more profitably. By allowing clients to comment on the design, layout and content, Atarim speeds up the process no end.

The founders of both products have made it their mission to end the content gathering conundrum – forever. 

Everything we do is based on our years of experience in building websites across a vast range of  client types from large corporates to Mom and Pop businesses that want a website to advertise their wares. 

Bertha AI isn’t just for bloggers – although She is awesome at getting just the right content for a blog post. Bertha AI helps you build your home page, about us, develops a mission statement – produces AIDA and PAS messaging and operates across languages by recognising the input language in her main settings so you can build websites across the globe to local, national and international clients. 

Atarim allows you to give access to the website without giving actual access, so a client can’t get to the core and move things around that may break your great designs.

With the new Atarim and Bertha integration, you or your client can add content very specifically in the areas assigned to text using Bertha AI’s powerful features. It truly is, a match made in heaven.


Here are just some of the features that you can enjoy 

Features 5

The Dashboard

Centralised Management Of All Your Clients, Projects, Team and Tasks, in A Secure Cloud Application

By logging into the dashboard every morning, you get an overview of your agency. See how many requests you have on each website, what your team has recently been up to and more.

  • Always be up to date with what’s happening in your agency
  • Make decisions based on important statistics like how many critical tasks you currently have to complete
  • See your teams activity for the last 24 hours
Features 6

The Client Interface

The task center hosts all of the tasks/requests that have been made on the website you are viewing. It includes the auto-screenshot that was taken when the task was made, as well as other useful bits of info.

  • By clicking a button you are auto-logged into the website and taken to exactly where this task was created
  • See the comments that have been made on the task + activity updates on what’s been changed
  • Filter tasks based on custom tags, status or priority.
Features 8

The Support Desk

Understand Exactly What The Client is Suggesting

Atarim’s Email Support Desk is designed to put you in full control of your email support. Our ticketing system turns every request into an actionable task allowing you to assign team members, track time, set statuses and priorities and have all of your communications neatly organized in 1 place.

  • Auto-filters incoming emails to the different websites, allowing clients to see all of their requests directly on ther website.
  • Setup in less than 15 minutes to start sending and receiving organized emails.
  • Track time directly on the ticket and create brandable time reports for your clients.

By using Atarim as your full website support center for your clients, you can save up to 80% of your time and get on with the work that really matters. Add to that, Bertha AI for content creation and gathering, your clients will love you to the ends of the earth because you are removing the barriers to development.

Smile like the cat who just ate the cream and sign up and get Bertha AI and Atarim working together, so you have more time to do the things you love.

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