How to use an FAQ page as a sales tool

How To Use An FAQ Page As A Sales Tool.

Including a Frequently Asked Questions section on your website is a great way to get out in front of possible objections, minimize time spent by you and your staff answering questions via phone or email, and also provide a “self-service” method for potential customers to get information about your product or service. They can also […]

We’ve unlocked all Templates for Free and Update 1.8.6

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Originally, we decided to lock our templates behind our premium plans, this was due to us not giving away TOO much value (we still need to pay the bills!). However, we realized that by locking these, free users were not seeing Bertha’s full power. Especially with templates like long form content, where you can generate […]

New! Quick Win Training videos for Bertha AI

Learn Bertha AI

A little over 3 weeks ago I asked Imran Siddiq to produce some quick win video’s for users of Bertha AI. Why not do them ourselves I hear you ask? Simply put, we could have and indeed, we produced some long form videos in the beginning to give our users a guide as to the […]

Bertha AI and Visual Composer

What’s it like using Bertha AI and Visual Composer together? We take a look at the new version of Visual Composer, a WordPress page builder that has been used in over 5 million websites across the globe. If you’re into WordPress, you cannot have missed the influence in themes, and Websites and designs of web […]

How to write a blog post or article with Bertha AI

Be motivated above all else and provide content to your followers that they will want to follow and see in the future. Give them a reason to keep coming back for more. Using an AI Writing assistant to help you We all know that creating content for your WordPress website can be a pain in […]

How to install and use cases

Bertha is a global writing assistant that works across your WordPress website. It generates ideas for your website’s content based on your needs. It works with WordPress and many of the WordPress site builders.