Why Alt Text is Important

Accessibility is a key word we all need to know in Web Development. We see so many companies, large and small fall victim to accessibility rules – or should we say – Guidance. Wherever we look as developers, we can’t seem to find the right advice and when we see the advice we kinda go – Oh! This is gonna be fun – Not!

Of course, there are resources out there and we, as web developers, need to pay attention.

The EU and UK is always on top of web, creative and resources that have the ability to interact with thousands of users – think The Adobe Figma merger that was effectively blocked by the UK and, the amount of litigation the EU is involved in with the likes of Google, Meta and other social mediums. It’s clear who makes the rules, so the best idea is to follow the people who follow the rule makers and heed their advice.

Bet Hannon and her team At Accessicart offer advice and maintenance plans specifically designed around accessibility to individuals and agencies – its worth taking a look – especially if you design and build sites for clients and clients – well, you know you need to cover these aspects, so, bite the bullet and get compliant as much as you can.

Why is Alternative Text important then?

It’s a fact that accessibility and images go hand in hand – We’ve invested a tonne of time, cash and effort making Bertha as accessible as we can – I remember a comment made by an accessibility expert on one of our live casts when she said, oh my goodness, the text is accessible as its in short, concise paragraphs – Boom! I was delighted to hear that our prompts were accessible from the start.

Now, we have been busy developing automated Alternative Text generation and I could not be more pleased with the results. Our bulk Alt Text generation is in Pro only but, in the free version, you can upload an image and get a great result too.

Imagine not even having to think about Product Alt Text ever again!

An example of alternative text generation for: A pair of brown leather brogue shoes with detailed perforations on top of a white box labeled "BILL BIRD - HANDCRAFTED ENGLAND" in a sunlit setting.

Frankly, we developed the Alt Text Facility for ourselves and love the accuracy, ease of use and of course, love the fact we can offer the facility to all of you out there working hard to comply with accessibility as well.

Alt Text is a small but really important part of getting things right for SEO too.

For those users that don’t want the full version of Bertha AI – we don’t understand why, but there you go, we are making Alt Text creation available in a standalone Plugin and in Chrome very soon Sign up to Alt Kid AI . Be amongst the first to get launch pricing and even, a lifetime deal –

Alt Kid AI says this about Alt Text – so take this little kids advice and sign up for launch date.

ALTKIDAI focuses on enhancing website accessibility through generating accurate and SEO friendly Alternative Text.

Alt text, also known as alternative text, is important for SEO because it helps search engines understand what an image is about. When search engines crawl a website, they rely on alt text to determine the content of images since they cannot “see” images like humans do. By providing descriptive and relevant alt text for images, website owners can improve their chances of ranking higher in search results.
Alt text is great for web accessibility as it allows visually impaired users who use screen readers to understand the content of images on a webpage.

By including alt text, website owners can enhance both their SEO efforts and user experience.

Promotional image for "Alt Kid AI.com," featuring a cartoon robot with large eyes against a purple background, with text announcing an Alt Text Generator for Google Chrome and the words "Coming Soon."

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