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Hey there, it’s Andrew Palmer from Bertha. ai. I’m going to give a quick tutorial on how to use Bertha to write a blog post. In this blog post, I’m going to write an article on the best way to start a restaurant in your local area. I’ve already created some images for them, but I could do that as well, while we’re going through this tutorial.

So. Hang tight, and listen and learn. So we start off with a prompt, and I want a unique value proposition. Now I’ve already put this in for a website, but I can write a quick, little thing. I want to, tell people how to open a restaurant in their, in the local area. That. They live and love. There we go.

Just going to correct some spelling errors. And here we go. Now Bertha may ask you to give us more words but on this instance you can just generate ideas and click and Bertha will get the idea. Launch your dream restaurant in your local area with somebody’s hero. So that’s taken, something from, basically my own, somebody’s hero website.

And, I can just kick that out. So that’s it. Launch your dream restaurant in your local area. The ultimate guide to restaurant success. So that’s great. Let’s just use that title to write something, in chat, let’s say. Let’s use chat. You can use prompts as well, but just for speed. So. I want to write a blog post around this subject.

Put a colon in there, paste that text in, correct any spelling errors. Bertha doesn’t really mind spelling errors. She figures it out. So here we go. Comment on that, and let’s see what we get. Here we go.

And there we go. We’ve got all that data. Now in Bertha, you can just copy that text in, in the chat and write and paste it straight in there and it does it for you. So she’s great. and basically writing stuff. So we’ve already got the title. We don’t need to take that. and we can take out the introduction part.

We always know about finding a niche. That’s what we as web developers try and advise our customers to find a niche. And let’s have a look. Let’s see if we can get a little featured image in there. let’s use it. Let’s use a featured image for there. So, restaurant. Design a round. Let’s say Mediterranean.

Now I always get this spelling wrong, but, Bertha will help me out with that. Let’s have a look. Restaurant design around a Mediterranean cuisine. I want it to be hyper realistic, so let’s do a colon. Hyper realistic. Modern design Colorful. Let’s have a look, see what we get.

Let’s create some images. So, we’ve got some nice stuff going on here. Let’s have a look. So, yeah, very nice. It’s, pretty good. I’ll take that one, actually. I’ll just say, save and set as the featured image. Which is what you can do in the WordPress plugin. Now, if you’re using the Chrome extension, you could download the image, or you could just copy the image and paste it in there.

So, that’s fine. So, we’ve got that in the media in there. So, that’s, uh… Close Bertha down, save the draft, have a little look at the preview on the desktop, because that’s what I’m working on. And there we go, you’ve got a nice featured image there, beautiful. Let’s go back and, add some more to this, post.

I want to add a, another image. And let’s say sea bass with green beans. Green beans, capers, and a butter lemon sauce on a nice blue plate. Let’s

have a look, see what Bertha comes up with. Not too bad, let’s have that one, let’s upload that to the media folder. Quite nice, sea bass. Green beans, it’s got the capers in there, blue plate, beautiful. So, let’s go to the media library, close down Bertha, there it is, so we can write in that sea bass, with capers, and green beans, always good to have alternative text.

It helps for accessibility, so we’ll send to that image, because that’s just the way I roll. And if I want to add another image within here, All I do is I just choose another block, go for an image, and let’s have Bertha create a Moussaka. I’ve asked Bertha to improve the text, or improve the description there, and let’s create an image from there. Let’s see what we can do. And there you go. You’ve got a nice picture there. I think I love this one. Let’s upload that to the media folder. Now the nice thing about Bertha as well, once she’s uploaded that, that’s fine.

You can actually take all of the text there, and let’s just copy the bits that are relevant, because Bertha sometimes runs out of words on the image description, but that’s no problem. Let’s now go back to the media file. We’ve got this Moussaka that’s looking great on a blue plate. It’s very consistent with the Seabass blue plate as well.

That’s pretty cool. And you can actually paste all of that description into the alternative text. That helps accessibility and tells people what the image is. And it also tells Google what the image is as well. So, quality content, quality images. That’s just basically what you’re looking for, isn’t it? And that’s all you’ve got.

That’s Bertha. And that post took 11 minutes and 45 seconds to save that draft out. And we recommend obviously that you go in and edit it, put your own look and feel on it. And, you can see that it’s a great little blog post. And as I say, took under 12 minutes to do. Good luck with Bertha, and don’t forget we’ve got an offer on Bertha.

I’ll just show you that. And there she is, Halloween, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. 50 percent off when you purchase. And you’ll go through to the blog post, look and see what you can get, look at the images that we can create with Bertha now, with the new image generation. And I think you’ll find that 120 a year, oh, I did a sea bass there as well, 120 a year is an absolute bargain for a WordPress plugin, and of course, the Chrome extension.


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