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Are you a content creator, writer or blogger in search of the most efficient way to craft high-quality pieces? Then you need to discover the incredible Bertha AI Chrome Extension.

Bertha AI is an innovative WordPress plugin that assists authors by providing them with beneficial ideas and suggestions for their writing tasks. Its powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), making it much easier for writers to deliver better results in a shorter amount of time.

But what if you don’t use WordPress?

Don’t worry; the new Bertha AI Chrome Extension has got you covered! This amazing extension enables writers to take advantage of the same powerful AI technology right where they are working on their project. With this fantastic addition, those using Chrome or Edge can now benefit from all the advantages WordPress users have been enjoying during the past year and a half!

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The Bertha AI Chrome Extension is a must-have for any content creator or writer. With its AI-powered suggestions, you can quickly create better content and get it out to the world faster. So if you’re looking for the best way to write high-quality content quickly and efficiently whether on WordPress, improving product descriptions in Shopify or simply writing a blog post for your Wix, Squarespace or Web flow projects, then the Bertha AI Chrome Extension is the perfect solution. The Chrome Extension even allows you to produce great content even in online applications like Powerpoint, Word and of course Google Docs, Notion and basically any web based application. You can even compose knockout emails in your favorite email application.

Click Here to register, once registered, navigate to your account page and download the Chrome Extension and get writing! If you have already signed up, simply login and download the Chrome Extension and follow the install directions. Free users will have to deactivate the WordPress plugin in their install to use the Chrome Extension. Pro users (3 websites) will have to deactivate one website. Pro Unlimited and get instant access as they get unlimited installs.

We are excited to hear how you are using Bertha AI whether in WordPress or in Chrome – let us know by joining our Facebook Group where we love to engage in peer to peer advice and all the news about updates for users happen.

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