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Celebrating the Integration between the first fully-featured AI content assistant for WordPress and the most advanced collaboration system for web agencies and their clients.

Bertha enjoys working with different page builders on the market, including...

Create engaging content without the hassle of... well, creating it.

Craft Creative Website Copy In Minutes

Our AI-based writing assistant will help you generate engaging and converting website copy while saving you up to 90% of your time.

Generate Converting Product Descriptions

Bertha will help you generate converting product descriptions by providing you with ideas and full-on textual content.

Get Ideas & Write Your Next Blog Post

With Bertha, you can write your next blog post in minutes rather than hours and still get engaging, creative and converting content.

How Bertha creates engaging website copy with you

Bertha is in every text area

Just start writing, she's already there, waiting for you

With the Bertha plugin installed, you’ll see a small icon appearing in every text area on your website.

This includes the WordPress backend builder or any page editor!

If you need help, all you have to do is click her and she will take care of things for you.

Choose from 20+ content models

Let Bertha know what you are trying to write and let her loose

Bertha is a friendly, kindhearted robot who enjoys helping others. She will ask what you need help with and do her best to provide an answer in return!

Bertha has always been one of those people that gives 110% no matter the task at hand – be it writing your “About Us” page, helping you discover your Unique Selling Proposition or maybe just give you a few other angles to something you already wrote.

Click an idea to auto-place in the editor

Choose the option that works for you - Aaand you're DONE

Bertha produces multiple options for you to choose from so that you get ideas, inspiration and full-on text blocks.

Choose the idea that suits your fancy and Bertha will push it directly into the relevant location on your page.

AND she saves everything in her history along with your favorites too

Bertha already speaks your language

More than 20 languages can be generated using Bertha extremely powerful AI engine.
Through the “Tone of Voice” option, you can also control the style and dialect. 

Long Form Content Creation

Bertha’s AI-Based Long Form content generator – Allowing you to click the button and generate full, SEO Driven, blog posts, articles, landing pages and any other type of long form content that you can imagine.

The Brand New Atarim Integration Allows You and Your Clients to Generate Content Directly into The Atarim Comment Bubbles + A Lot More...

Guest Mode Enabled

If the Atarim's Client Interface Plugin is installed on the website, Bertha will work for logged our users, only within the Atarim Comment Bubbles.

White Label Enabled

The logo that is set within Atarim's White Label Settings OR within the Agency Dashboard, will replace Bertha's Logo on the Content Generation Sidebar.

Sidebar Auto Close

To avoid any conflicts, when you click the Bertha icon, the Atarim sidebar will close automatically. Providing a seamless workflow between the tools.

What can Bertha help you write?

Bertha makes creating content very simple. She uses Artificial Intelligence to generate unique content for your website

Website | Blog | SEO | Marketing | Speciality | Useful Extras

Unique Value Proposition

A short and concise Unique Selling Proposition that will be used as the top sentence of a website.

Website Sub Heading

A converting description that will go below your Unique Selling Proposition on the website.

Section Title Generator

Creative titles for each section of your website or Landing Page. No more boring "About us" type of titles.

Paragraph Generator

Use this to get over writers' block: Craft creative short blurbs for different sections of the website & Blog Posts.

Blog Post Outline

Map out your blog post's outline simply by adding the title or topic of the blog post you want to create. Bertha will take care of the rest.

Blog Post Topic Ideas

Trained with data from hundreds of thousands of blog posts, Bertha uses this data to generate a variety of creative blog post ideas.

Blog Post Intro Paragraph

Next time you're struggling to write the perfect blog post intro paragraph, simply ask Bertha for help. She'll take care of it for you quickly and professionally.

Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph

Bertha can write a blog post conclusion paragraph that will help your visitors stick around to read the rest of your content.

Button Call to Action

With Bertha, you can generate a call to action button that's guaranteed to convert. No more guessing what words will convert best!

Full-on Blog Post Writer

Bertha takes the hassle and headache out of creating blog posts. Just click "Start" and get your next blog post written in just minutes.

Title to Benefit Sections

You know these sections with 3-4 icons? Take the benefit title and get a short description for it.

Service/Product Benefit List

Instantly generate a list of differentiators and benefits for your own company and brand.

Product/Service Description

Take a product name and convert it to a full description. This is ideal for e-commerce shops.

Content Rephraser

Not confident with what you wrote? Paste it in and let Bertha's magic make it all better.

Personal Bio (About Me)

Writing about ourselves is hard. It's not for Bertha - Let her do it for you and only fix what's needed.

Full-on About Us Page

Bertha already knows you. She will write an overview, history, mission and vision for your company.

Persuasive Bullet Points

Convince readers that your product is the best by listing all the reasons they should take action NOW.

Explain It To a Child

Taking complex concepts and simplifying them. So that everyone can get it. Get it?

SEO Description Tag

You're serious about SEO, But this is a tedious task that can easily be automated with Bertha.

SEO Title Tag

Get highly optimized title tags that will help you rank higher in search engines.

SEO City Based Pages

Generate city page titles and descriptions for your city pages to help rank your website locally.

SEO Keyword Suggestions

Generate suggestions of long-tail keywords that are related to your topic.

FAQs Generator

Generate a list of frequently asked questions and their answers for a blog or website.

Content Summary

Create a summary of an article/website/blog post. Great for SEO and to share on social media.

AIDA Marketing Framework

Awareness > Interest > Desire > Action - Structure your writing and create more compelling content.

PAS Marketing Framework

Problem > Agitate > Solution - A framework for planning and evaluating your content marketing activities.

Before, After and Bridge

Get a short description to build a page with a before and after look, with a transition in between.

Contact Form Blurb

Create a short description & Call to Action that will be used as the final persuasion text next to a contact form.

Business or Product Name

Create a new business or product name from scratch based on a keyword.

And Bertha is just getting started...
Here are some of the upcoming content models

Job Listing

Hiring new team members? Craft a professional Job Listing that candidates will be desperate to apply for.

Real Estate Property Listing

Detailed and enticing property listings for your real estate websites. So you can focus on the sale.

Case Study Generator

Generate a case study based on a client name and a problem they wanted to solve.

Recipes Generator

Create delicious recipes that will make people crave your food based on ingredients.

Podcast Show Notes

Take a podcast name and create unique show notes to be used as the introduction to each episode.

Podcast Episode Description

Create a description of a podcast episode based on the title of the podcast.

Course Description

Write compelling course descriptions that will get more people to sign up for your courses.

Lesson Description

Use this template to create a description for a lesson, video, or article.

Press Mention Blurb

Provide the press mention title and publication to craft a press mention blurb.

A game changer for myself and for my clients.

I tested Bertha on a one page website I was making for a friend with a cleaning business. I had no content at all apart from a brief description I took from her Facebook page. I plugged this into Bertha and then using the various templates inside she wrote the entire page for me.

Rosie Robinson, WUFdesign

I am absolutely blown away with the results.

The quality of content I am getting is incredible. I can’t believe how much time I have saved. I have been able to focus on other aspects of my business because I no longer have to spend hours searching for stories, ideas, and concepts. I have already recommended Bertha to my friends, and I will continue to do so. 

Hans Skillrud, Termageddon

Does this AI thing really work or is it just a "nice to have" / passing Gimmick?

When I heard about this new technology, I asked myself the exact same question.

The capabilities of AI models are reliant on the amount of data that is fed into them.
Up until recently, results created through AI-driven content models were meh, to say the least.

That is because the amount of data for some of the publically available models were equivalent to the size of a tennis ball.
Then, a new technology evolved and allowed for the amount of data to be comparable to the size of the Earth.

This past year has been very exciting for AI technology – A Quantum Leap even.

We’re talking hundreds of billions of parameters that allow the AI, for the first time, to create genuinely creative, completely original and engaging content.

Over the past 12 years, I was fortunate enough to build more than 800 websites through my website agency, write thousands of blogs posts for me and my clients’ businesses and publish tens of thousands of products through Woocommerce.

Creating content was consistently the most challenging part of every project.

Staring at a blank sheet of paper have challenged even the greatest writers in the world. They call it “Writer’s Block” and it’s a real struggle.

So for me and my clients, this was often an easy cause for procrastination.

Waiting for inspiration to strike, and until it will, I’ll just grab a cup of coffee instead.

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you know that what you wrote is actually good?
  • How can you tell if the content is going to resonate with readers and potential customers?

What if we could use technology to help guide us in the right direction when we’re writing… anything!

Well this year, for the first time in history, it’s possible!

So how does Bertha know what to write?

From my and my team’s experience, we created dozens of frameworks that teach her what the structure, feel and nuances looks like for every piece of content you will find on a modern website, blog article, product page, SEO snippets and landing page.

When you choose the type of content that you need and tell her, in your own words, what you’re trying to do, she will give you multiple options, or “Ideas” to choose from.

Think about her like your writer while you become the editor-in-chief, that takes the content and organises it in a way that makes sense to readers.

But how do you know that she’s not just copying content from other places on the web?

This is pretty interesting.

Over the past few decades, we’ve gotten used to a certain way of interacting with technology. The “If>>Then” method that traditional code is based on.
This doesn’t apply to AI.

Bertha doesn’t take blocks of content and call them “ideas”.

AI works more like the human mind: 

When we speak or write, we string ideas, concepts and previous knowledge to single words, or fractions of words that compile sentences, paragraphs and finally a story.

Often we don’t know what we will say when we start to speak, just like I didn’t know that I will be writing this exact sentence when I started writing this article. Which now makes it a completely original piece of content.

Some of us do it better than others but we can all be trained to do it. In the same way that we trained Bertha from our own experience.

She already knows more than you and I will ever know, in terms of raw data, and with the proper training, we were able to get her to generate content that is often better than what I would have written myself.

Now, based on her previous knowledge and training, she’s able to write about things she doesn’t know anything about – Like a new business you created, or a brand new product or course you’re about to launch.

In fact, while I was the editor of this article and I had to connect some of the pieces, Bertha helped me create most of it. 

Pretty cool right?

But there’s a catch

Like with any new technology, we, humans, need to get used to using it in order for us to get the full impact out of it.

We’ve made it extremely easy – Bertha will appear in the corner of every text area within your website. The more you invite her over to help you, the easier it will be for you to find the right content type from the options we prepared for you.

If for some reason, as you’re implementing within the first 2 weeks, you’re not seeing a significant decrease in the time it takes you to “deal with content”, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked!

And this is just the start!

While Bertha is already working amazingly and generating incredible results for our users, we have a lot of really cool and innovative ideas that we can’t wait to share with you over the upcoming weeks and months.

So now it’s up to you!

You already know that Bertha works, just look around this page and this article to witness her true power.

With Bertha by your side, you can save a whole lot of time and headaches creating content.

And we made sure you are 100% protected with our money-back guarantee.

The other path is to keep struggling with writer’s block every day and spend hours and hours writing content when inspiration finally strikes.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Take action right now and have Bertha by your side! 

Guess who wrote the copy for this website?

That’s right! Every piece of text for the entire website, including this sentence, was written with the loving help of Bertha.




$25/ month

$300 Paid Yearly

Perfect for website/shop owners that need to speed up content creation.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try Bertha for 14 days, leverage the power of AI to write blog posts, upgrade your product pages and website copy to convert…
And if you don’t love her, we’ll give you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bertha is leveraging the most advanced content generation AI on the planet. 
She already knows what to write and how it should be read.
Your role is to guide her to your desired result and to edit the output so that it fits your needs perfectly.

Think of a relationship between an editor and a journalist: who does all the heavy lifting. Instead of being both the writer and the editor, Bertha will take the role of the “Journalist” so that you are left with the editorial duties.

We (the founders) have also created more than 1,500 websites and countless blog posts, landing pages and product pages, in our careers through our web agencies. This allowed us to develop frameworks, structures and blueprints for any type of content that a website requires.

We spent more than a decade perfecting our craft and invested months teaching and training Bertha on all that we know about content creation for websites.

So that you can access both Bertha’s AI with over 100 billion(!) of parameters and our own human knowledge, all with a click of a button.

Unlike any other AI assistant on the market, Bertha will work with as many users as you would like, directly inside your website. 💪

Yes. Bertha is designed to work with any theme or page builder available on the market.
We’re looking at the raw HTML rendered on the frontend so that the stack you choose does not affect the use of the plugin or interface.

Protection of user data and the integrity of our plugin installed on a WordPress website are of utmost importance to us. Both are built with strict security requirements and protocols to secure your data and have been reviewed by some of the biggest companies in the space (due to partnerships).

We accept all the major credit cards & debit cards.

All payments are processed securely through Stripe.

Yes! Once you join Bertha’s PRO users, you’re practically part of the family!

You can reach out to with any questions you may have and our team of support engineers and customer care experts will be delighted to provide you solutions.

Plus, you can always pop a question into our Facebook group and either us or other users will be happy to help.

Yes, you can transfer the license between domains if you’d like. As long as there is 1 active domain (or more for the higher plans).

You will need to add each subdomain as its own domain – The licensing system recognises that these are separate installations so they require verification.
I guess a more accurate definition is per WordPress install.

Of course.

You can upgrade to any plan at any time, whatever works for you.

Guess who wrote the copy for this website?

You now know that Bertha helped write the content of this website and this particular page.
Don’t miss out on these fantastic offers to get you exactly where you need to be in this content-filled universe we live in.


Bertha AI is committed to the ethical and fair use of AI in promotional posts, blogs and writing for educational and advertising purposes.  

Fair Use Policy

We do not monitor user content. However, we have automated content filters and usage tracking to flag unusual activity.

If it comes to our attention that your use of our services and Bertha AI results in inappropriate content – for example: Pornographic content, false news, disinformation or political nature. We reserve the right to terminate your account with immediate effect.

Bertha AI respects a fair use policy and should we feel that the system is being abused by you or your users. We will connect with you to find a remedy. If a remedy cannot be found. We reserve the right to terminate your account and access to our products.

This includes but is not limited to enforcing a usage limit even on the plans that mention unlimited usage.

This is to comply with the AI’s terms of use and to ensure that the tool is used by humans and is not automated to create an unproportionate amount of words per month.

Automating the use of the tool using bots or other methods is strictly prohibited.

In addition to: 
Users, by use of Bertha AI image/text Generation service, hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bertha AI Inc., against any and all claims, demands, charges, complaints, controversies, and causes of action of any kind or nature whatsoever, both at law and in equity, known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected (from now on “Claims”), arising out of and relating in any way to intellectual property infringement claims made against Bertha AI Inc., concerning your Content if such Claims inure to your benefit in any way and also to hold harmless and indemnify Bertha AI Inc., against all Claims relating in any way to your use of Bertha AI image Generation.  This indemnity includes reimbursement to Bertha AI Inc., for any applicable court costs and expenses of litigation, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees, and reimbursement for any losses and liabilities of Bertha AI Inc., including but not limited to,  judgments, settlements, fees, costs, expenses, legal debts, legal obligations, and any third-party Claims against Bertha AI Inc.

Bertha AI Inc. makes no warranties or representations concerning user Content and is not responsible for unauthorised use.  Users are responsible for using Bertha AI image/text Generation service, only as authorised and in compliance with applicable laws of the jurisdictions in which such users are domiciled, reside, or are located at the time of such use.  Users who observe unauthorised or illegal use of Bertha AI image/text Generation service, are encouraged to report such conduct immediately to Bertha AI inc., via our support form.

Choice of Law: Should any dispute arise under these Terms of Use, the access or use of Bertha AI inc., Chrome Extension, Web App, WordPress plugin and API, etc, the law of the United States in all respects shall govern, without regard for the jurisdiction or forum in which the user is domiciled, resides, or located at the time of such access/use.

By using the service as described you understand all work with Bertha AI image/text Generation service, is public domain” indicates the user is of legal age to contract in the user’s jurisdiction and indicates the user’s fully informed acknowledgement, understanding, and agreement to the entirety of these Terms of Use and anything incorporated herein by reference.  Use of Bertha AI image/text Generation service without the user’s acceptance of these Terms of Use and all incorporated provisions constitutes unauthorised use for which the user disclaims any/all potential or actual right to relief against Bertha AI Inc., regardless of the legal jurisdiction of Bertha AI Inc. or the user’s domicile, residence, or location.

The service may be withdrawn at any time at our discretion. All abuse of our systems will render your account deleted without prior discussion and no refund will be issued. 

Basically, play nice, enjoy the technology and everything will be fine. ❤

Please let us know why you are cancelling so we may understand our customers better.

Let's get you on board! 👋

Bertha is excited to start and to become your helper in generating quality content for your WordPress website.
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