Will AI copywriting give you everything you need or, will it just help you along?

Nowadays, AI is everywhere. And Bertha is here as your AI writing assistant.

One such field of work that Bertha has gotten around to masterfully, is writing content for a website.

You might be wondering why Bertha needs to take over the art of creating content for websites when there are already a million writers out there in the market who can do all that for you.

Here’s what AI brings to the table which your freelance writer does not:

Resistance toward change – Wouldn’t it really suck if one day your site had content written by AI made by some techy nerd and it felt like it was exactly that?

Well, Bertha is gifted with the ability to rewrite articles without changing the tone at all, but she still has a long way to go before she can write perfect content and still needs a human writer who understands her to create formidable content, together.

Bertha writing assistant uses information from humans that she then processes, this way she gets better results than having someone do the same task over and over again – manually.

Resistance toward plagiarism

Your site’s SEO may soon be affected if you continue to use unoriginal content written by your writers. Bertha copy writing assistant does not try copying entire sentences from any website, rather, she helps you format your blog posts, articles and adverts to YOUR Audience.

She is not a mind reader. She cannot create content based on your ideas without some information about what you want to say and she does not identify your target audience accurately due to lack of information about them.

So, Bertha needs YOU to tell her who your customers are and how they think. She will provide your perfect piece of writing after taking in all the information you provide her with.

Bertha can generate an infinite amount of fresh new content! She is great for creating new content for companies that produce a lot of unique products or require constant updating and keeping up to date with their customers’ feedback.

Artificial Intelligence has now reached an era where it can create work that is indistinguishable from human beings.

Bertha copy writing assistant uses AI to copywrite content for your company, social media or marketing campaigns. She can create an infinite amount of unique content based on a set of information you provide her with and she will request information about who your audience is and what they want, she will then craft perfectly written copy specific to the type of content you require.

The system will ask for information about keywords and then write content based on a set of keywords, write personalised copy and understand the tone your audience like.

AI can review and improve copy but, with your help, it can write better and better content – developed around your audience and your customers.

AI will also take the burden off you of writing copious amounts of copy, every, single, day.

Bertha will spend time analysing your content and keywords. Remember, she is not a replacement for you, rather, an enhancement of what you already know but are simply stuck on getting the right message out there.

How long before AI generated copy is as good or better than the work done by human writers?

Right now, it’s hard to say how long until AI outperforms humans because the technology is still in development – the good news is, that scientists expect research and development to make huge strides within just a few years.

Once that happens, don’t be surprised if you see AI advertising material on billboards alongside human advertisements! And definitely don’t be surprised if you start hearing more about how BERTHA will be rather more than your friendly, always on, writing assistant!

Ready to take her for a spin? Just click on the free download and experience her helpful and kind nature today.

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  1. Hi Andrew & Vito
    I love what I am seeing so far with Bertha in preparing new & fresh content for my websites. I am really working hard to up-sell this facility to my web clients who use conventional methods.

    However, I also have to wear my Graphic Design hat to produce marketing material for clients.
    Is there a plan to be able to use Bertha off-line as a stand alone so it will be suitable for all types of design media (web & print)?
    Looking forward to any future Videos & tips you produce. Great Job on this product!!

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