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Bertha is a global writing assistant that works across your WordPress website. It generates ideas for your website’s content based on your needs. It works with WordPress and many of the WordPress site builders.

In this documentation, we’ll cover:

  1. Bertha Installation
  2. Setting Up Bertha
  3. How to Use Bertha
  4. Known Issues
  5. More Information

Bertha Installation

In the WordPress dashboard, select Plugins > Add New. Click Upload Plugin at the top of the page.

Next, click Choose File and navigate to the file’s location. Double-click the file. You can also select the file and click Open.

Click Install Now. Wait for the plugin to upload.

Once the plugin is uploaded, you’ll see a screen with the option to activate it or go to the plugin installer. Click Activate Plugin.

Setting Up Bertha

After Bertha installs, you’ll be able to watch the short introductory video and use your plugin. Watch the video to see an overview and click Next to set up the plugin

Go through your brand settings. This information will help Bertha understand how to help you the best. Provide your brand name, company description, describe your ideal customer, and your tone of voice (this can literally be anything you like – even Frank Sinatra or your favorite movie title) . The more detail and the more specific the better. Hover over the question marks for each field for more information.

Once you save changes, you’ll see a message to activate your plugin. Click the Activate button.

Bertha will search for your license. If you have a license, you’ll see a message that Bertha can connect to it. If not, then you’ll see instructions on what to do. Click Activate.

Bertha is now ready to start helping you create content. Bertha will open a new post with a popup that gives you an animated demonstration. Click Start Generating Content.

You can edit your settings anytime in the WordPress dashboard. Go to Bertha AI > Global Settings, make your edits, and save your changes.

How to Use Bertha

Bertha works with pages, posts, and custom post types such as WooCommerce. When you place your cursor in a location you can type, you’ll see the Bertha icon. Clicking this opens the Bertha sidebar. You can also open Bertha from the dashboard menu. Hover over Bertha AI in the dashboard and click Launch Bertha. You can then generate templates for the post types of your website.

The sidebar includes the tools you’ll use to create your content. The tools include:

  1. Expand or shrink the sidebar
  2. Select between templates or history
  3. Search for the template you need
  4. Scroll through the templates to make your choice


Make your selection based on the type of content you want to create.

The content options are divided into several sections. The sections include:

  • Website Copy Generation (12 templates)
    • Unique Value Proposition
    • Website Sub-Headline
    • Button Call to Action
    • Section Title Generator
    • Service/Product Benefit List
    • Title to Benefit Sections
    • Blurb Generator
    • Content Rephraser
    • Product/Service Description
    • Persuasive Bullet Points
    • Full-on About Us Page
    • Personal Bio (About Me)
  • Blog Post Creation (4 templates)
    • Blog Post Topic Ideas
    • Blog Post Outline
    • Blog Post Intro Paragraph
    • Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph
  • Useful Extras (2 tools)
    • Explain it To a Child
    • Suggest a Template

Each selection asks for information specific to its type of content. This helps Bertha understand the content and provide you with the best templates for that content. The field has a character limit and provides a character count. Click Generate Ideas when you’re ready.

Bertha provides you with a list of templates. Each is labeled to identify the type of template.

Clicking on one of the options adds the text to the location of your cursor. Click the option again to add it as many times as you want. Once you’ve added the text to your page or post, rewrite it or use it as a guide for creating your content.

Template Examples

Some templates allow you to change the brand description just for that template. This prompts Bertha to the exact information this content will cover. This helps Bertha to create better content. Every piece of content can be customized for that specific page, post, paragraph, button, etc. Here’s a look at a few of the templates to see how they work.

Unique Value Proposition

You can even change your company description in the template itself to generate ideas specific to the content you want to create. This is a temporary change. Your standard description will not change in your settings. Many of the templates include this option.

The results will reflect the new description, as seen in this example.

Blog Post Topic Ideas

Bertha can also generate blog topics and blog post lists. The Blog Post Topic Ideas template lets you customize the company description. Use this to describe the type of blog post you’d like to create.

Bertha uses data from hundreds of thousands of blog posts to generate post ideas based on your description.

Blurb Generator

Some templates include the title and similar options, such as this blurb generator. Think of this as a short paragraph or just like the many list items you see on lots of websites to highlight services or products.

Adding the title helps Bertha to better understand the topic.

Content Rephraser

Bertha can also improve your content with the Content Rephraser tool. Enter the sentiment and text you want Bertha to analyze.

The Content Rephraser provides several options based on the text you’ve entered

Useful Extras

Useful Extras is a section near the bottom of the list. It includes Explain it To a Child and Suggest a Template.

Explain it To a Child

Explain it To a Child takes a complex topic and simplifies it, making it easier to understand for beginners. It provides a field where you can enter your text. Enter your text and click Generate Ideas.

Bertha will then provide you a list of suggestions to choose from. Clicking any of them adds the text to your content. You can also generate more ideas or choose another template.

Suggest a Template

Suggest a Template opens the page at the Bertha website where you can suggest a template to be added to Bertha. We’d like to hear your suggestions as this helps make Bertha better for everyone.

More Ideas

Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar to see a couple of buttons. Click Generate More Ideas to clear the list and add a new list of options. Click Choose Another Template to back to the first screen and start over.

Closing the Bertha Sidebar

When you’re finished using Bertha, click the X in the upper right corner to close the sidebar. You’ll then see your WordPress editor as normal.


History shows a list of every idea that Bertha has generated for you. To see the list, simply click the tab labeled History in the upper right corner of the sidebar. Templates will appear in order from the latest to the oldest. Scroll through the list and reuse any of the templates you want.

History also includes a dropdown box called All Templates. This shows a list of all the types of templates you can use. This filters the history based on the type of template. Selecting one displays every idea that Bertha has generated for you for that type of template.

Known Issues

You might get an error after running the automatic update, this is due to the way WordPress now allows you to upload a plugin to overwrite itself. Its a little bug we discovered when updating. Simply reactivate the plugin and it will work great. 

In Summary, Bertha is a writing assistant to help you write quicker, better content aimed at your audience. The example we have shown uses the Gutenberg Editor – Bertha works well with Divi, Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder and most other page builders out there . The more you make use of her AI, the better she gets at understanding your writing style requirements. We hope you enjoy using Bertha to help you make the best of your website and we are always happy to accept positive feedback.

Take a look at this review by Imran – we love him.

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4 Responses

  1. First off let me say congratulations, Bertha is slick and so easy to use! I had Bertha write 22 articles for me and passed Google Adsense in just under a week!

    I was just wondering if it’s possible for Bertha to rewrite all post titles without having to click into each one? My other website has over 1200 posts and I would like to explore by letting Bertha rewrite the titles.


    1. Hi David, thanks for your kind words. Currently, Bertha does not have the ability to do that. However, I think It’s a pretty easy fix. I will add it to our roadmap and let everyone know when its done.

  2. Andrew, I have been using Bertha in Google Chrome for several months with the Chrome extension and am incredibly pleased with the results I have been getting. I am also setting up a WordPress website and am planning to use Bertha to inspire my writing and speed up productivity. Thank you for this beautiful product!

    I reinstalled my computer yesterday and was trying to get by with just one browser ( The Microsoft Edge browser). I did not see an extension in Microsoft Edge for Bertha. Will I have to install Chrome to use the Bertha extension?

    1. Hey Les, great that you are loving Bertha. If you are in Edge. Search for the Chrome Extension amd install it as if it were in Chrome. I’m away currently but happy to get on a call next week to show you how.

      All the best


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