Create a Killer Directory Listing Website with Bertha & Directorist

Looking to add some zing to your online directories? Bertha is here to help! With her knack for writing engaging and compelling descriptions, she can help bring your restaurant, shop, or home listings to life. In just a few minutes, she’ll have you covered with accurate and insightful descriptions that are sure to grab attention.

Directorist is the perfect plugin for creating online business directories. It’s easy to use and scalable, so you can create a directory that’s perfect for your needs. Plus, it’s user-centric, so your visitors will have a great experience using your directory. 

Bertha and Directorist are the perfect combination for creating an impactful directory listing that will help your business get found.

Create a profitable directory website with Directorist +
Real Estate Property Description circled in Bertha AI interface.

Getting Started is Easy

Real Estate Property Descriptions is one of Bertha’s many templates, and it’s perfect for creating the listings on most directory websites.

From within the Directorist field, click on the Bertha icon and scroll down the template list or type “real estate” in the search field and you’ll find it.

Enter the name of the featured business, the location, some basic information such as how many rooms or type of business, and a brief description in your own words. Within seconds Bertha will write a killer listing for your Directorist directory. 

Why Having a Great Directory Listing is Important 

A great directory listing is a great way to attract new customers to your website and thereby grow your business. It helps potential customers find you, builds trust and credibility, and can be a powerful marketing tool. So make sure your listings are up-to-date, accurate, and filled with keyword-rich language – it could make all the difference! This is where Bertha comes in.

Tips and Tricks for Writing a Great Directory Listing

1. Make sure your listing is complete and accurate.

Include all the important details about your business, such as your contact information, hours of operation, and services offered. Highlight the property location so your customers know exactly where you can be found.

2. Use keyword-rich language to describe your business and services.

This will help your listing show up in search results when potential customers are looking for businesses like yours.

3. Make your business listing stand out from the competition by using high-quality photos.

This will help potential customers get a feel for what you’re all about and why they should choose you over other businesses. Include images and videos that are relevant to your business and that accurately represent the products and services that you offer. As visual creatures, humans are naturally drawn to images. By including an image in your directory listing, you will be more likely to attract a client’s attention than with text alone. 

4. Keep your listing up to date.

Regularly update your hours of operation, contact information, and services offered to ensure potential customers have the most accurate information. You should also update your listing if you make any changes to your business, such as a change of ownership, a change of address, or a change in the type of business you are running.

5. Respond to customer reviews and feedback.

This will show potential customers that you value customer service and are interested in providing a great experience.

Screenshot of 4 paragraphs written by Bertha AI about a fictional restaurant, "Bingo Burgers."

If you’re using Directorist to create your directories, you’re in good hands! They offer a great selection of tools and features to help you get the most out of your directory listing. And using Bertha AI to write the directory descriptions means you’ll save time and have the necessary information to get your business found.

Install the Directorist WordPress plugin on your site today!

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  1. This really isn’t about creating a directory website, as much as it is about creating a single Listing within a directory.

    Most directories require the actual owner of the directory to create and manage their Listings, so this would require thousands of people to need No realistic.

    Also, if a solution is going to be mentioned (Directorist in this case), you need more than a paragraph about it, or it’s an afterthought.

    Did Bertha write this? If so, not a good representation.

    Love Bertha and what you typically bring to the table Steph…but this has missed the mark.

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