Bertha AI and Visual Composer

What’s it like using Bertha AI and Visual Composer together?

We take a look at the new version of Visual Composer, a WordPress page builder that has been used in over 5 million websites across the globe. If you’re into WordPress, you cannot have missed the influence in themes, and Websites and designs of web apps across the globe.

Well, as it turns out, we wanted to Make Bertha AI compatible with the most popular page builders. The old version of Visual Composer has over 5 million users – that is a phenomenal record.

But first, lets take a look at what you get with the NEW Visual Composer.

The new Visual Composer is a free, React-based Website Builder that allows you to create your own professional website. Its in the WordPress repository as a free download and frankly, you can build a pretty decent website with that version and, it even comes with a few templates to get you started. It currently has over 90,000 downloads, so its obvious people are loving it.

With the Pro version you get a load of templates from full on web sites to landing pages. Side Bars, Headers, footers, blocks, all sorts of elements and a whole lot more like; Giphy (who doesn’t love a gif!?) and fully integrated with Unsplash so you can search images and instantly download and add them to your posts and pages – mad right? – Add Bertha AI to that mix and you have a content writing assistant too.

When we built Bertha AI, our overall intention was to make her as compatible with the most popular Page Builders as possible.

As we are expert Divi and Elementor users, that was easy – not so with Visual Composer – as its very new and we had not had a real opportunity to use it in the wild. Plus, let’s be totally honest here, like a lot of Web Developers and Designers – we know what we know and its hard to move onto something new, right? Just look at the controversy surrounding the Gutenberg Block builder!

What happened next, both surprised us and got us very excited.

The Visual Composer team saw Bertha AI and approached us to make her even more compatible with Visual Composer. They offered to help us make her totally work in the Visual Composer interface.

As these guys have taken a unique approach to page building in websites – we very nearly ripped their hands off. As you can see in the video below. The team up was a complete success and there is full compatibility and Bertha AI and Visual Composer work seamlessly together.

What we learned by working so closely with the Visual Composer team was that the page builder has totally changed from what we knew of it a few years ago. The interface is easy to learn and the informative videos, tech docs and just the way the product is put together is astounding. An enormous amount of work has been put into making Visual Composer a stand out product. As a user of page builders for years, I am completely in love with Visual Composer and my team are now learning the ins and outs and we have now added it to our stack.

We also learned that all of the people at Visual Composer are approachable, willing to share knowledge and of course help us out technically to make Bertha AI a real choice for the Visual Composer Community.

We love the fact that The Visual Composer team have asked us to work together and make Bertha AI fully compatible with Visual Composer and look forward to working with them for a long time to come.

My recommendation is to take a good look at the page builder you are using and give Visual Composer a chance – the way you build websites with Bertha AI and Visual Composer may very well turn into a profitable choice.

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    1. We worked extensively with the Visual Composer team to ensure total compatibility. Its great that Bertha works everywhere Visual Composer does. 🙂

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