What’s in a name?

One of the most important things in branding is a name. Your company, product or service name should be short, memorable and easy to spell. It must have a positive meaning behind it and suggest what your company does.

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Everyone loves an acronym don’t they?

Somehow they make us feel like we’re in the know, part of an exclusive club. They sound official and professional and usually end with a hard consonant.

So what’s better than having your own acronym? Having one that can be used to promote your company or product of course!

A logo that can stand alone, a name that’s memorable and easy to pronounce and doesn’t require a long-winded explanation is worth its weight in gold.

So, we asked Bertha, what acronym should she present to the world – what best describes BERTHA, in a nutshell?

We needed it to be short, concise, informative and educating.

An Acronym should tell you exactly what the Brand means if you split it into its individual letters. It should also give the reader its’ intent and we think it should also be well, FUN!

Here’s Bertha’s Acronym:


Let’s dive into the individual words and let you know why we love Bertha as an acronym

Beautiful – We designed Bertha to be easy on the eye. Something that is intrinsically part of your website but, also looks great, is easy to navigate and more importantly, easy to use. We think we made her Beautiful.

Enthusiastic – Sometimes you just need a friend when you are in need, who is positive, always ready and willing to help you get the best out of YOU! Bertha is just that. We have already trained her in what you as a website owner needs and the more you use her, the more Enthusiastic she gets. Once you allow her Enthusiasm to get into your life, you will write better, faster and more appropriate content for your customers.

Robot – Oh, we get it, Robot is a simplified term going back to the days of Asimov. AI is – lets face it – a little more advanced these days but still, Bertha has been written with the three principles Asimov came up with over 75 years ago

A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
Bertha will never harm you and will always look to give you her very best at all times, helping you take action by assisting you in your online dreams.

A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

We prefer to change obey to – help you get to where you need to be at any given moment in your writing journey.

A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws

Including the third part of Asimov’s criteria is our way of saying that Bertha will always be here to guide you to use your best tone, writing style and information gathered by her AI and that she will do her best to learn your style, what you like and grow with you along the way.

That – The dictionary meaning of THAT goes like this: (used to indicate a person, thing, idea, state, event, time, remark, etc., as pointed out or present, mentioned before, supposed to be understood, or by way of emphasis. So, Bertha….

Helps – you get the best out of you by being there to…

Automate – Using AI will always help you with context, ideas and inspiration. Bertha gives you multiple options for you to choose from so that you get the best possible results.

Choose the idea that suits your fancy and Bertha will push it directly into the relevant location on your page.

AND she saves all of her suggestions just in case they might come in handy later for repurposing and sharing your knowledge in the way you choose.

Do you like our Acronym?

Have you ever thought of an Acronym for what you do?

Comment below and oh, if you haven’t already – give Bertha a try – you get one thousand free words a month for absolutely no financial commitment at all.

P.S Bertha helped write 80% of this blog post – cool right?

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