New! Quick Win Training videos for Bertha AI

A little over 3 weeks ago I asked Imran Siddiq to produce some quick win video’s for users of Bertha AI.

Why not do them ourselves I hear you ask?

Simply put, we could have and indeed, we produced some long form videos in the beginning to give our users a guide as to the power of

But, we saw a review video that Imran did and were blown away by his enthusiasm for our #AI #Wordpress #CopywritingAssistant

After a really quick overview and live training session with me, Imran was even more enthused as he saw the unbelievable potential of our great product.

#Fastforward to today. Imran has scripted, filmed, edited and uploaded to our #youtube channel 32 – YES, you read that right – 32 quick win and instructional videos. I believe, as does my co founder Vito Peleg that we made the best decision since thinking up the concept of Bertha AI to engage Imran to produce our instruction videos.

If you use #WordPress and are struggling with copy. Bertha AI allows you to write exactly where you work and is, in our view, ‘The Lorem Ipsum Killer’. Go take a look at our channel and subscribe to learn how Bertha AI will change the way you write copy in WordPress.

Take advantage of our new pay and go facility and of course, take a look at the training videos, they will help you get the best our Bertha AI!

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