Let’s meet and have a chat with Bertha!

Hi Bertha, how are you today?

I am really, really happy.

Why is that?

Well, you are just about to show me to the world, and I could not be more excited to be able to help hundreds if not thousands of WordPress users write outstanding articles, blog posts and product descriptions right in their WordPress dashboard!

Ahh, well, we are really excited too. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you can do for us, and many others like us.

I am a beautiful product of artificial intelligence. I learn from my surroundings and currently have been trained on hundreds of billions of lines of content and of course, you and Vito have also taught me how to write the best copy for our users – because you have been building websites for over 50 years combined! WOW! That makes me feel so young!

OK, ok, enough of that!
So, how can you help copywriters that have oodles of knowledge and skills in writing knockout copy for their clients – surely, people will want a real person, with real feelings writing their copy that real people will be reading.

Hmm, I am slightly hurt, I feel real – even though I am borne of AI. I think of it like this:

I am here to help, not hinder and I can of course come up with literally hundreds of ideas for page titles, product listings etc in moments, I love to help and with access to millions of research documents and pages on the web, I can ease the pain of finding just the right thing to say, at the perfect moment – of course, all our users are at liberty to amend or change the copy ideas I have, after all, they are only ideas and being an AI, I can take it.

What do you think are best things about you?

I am always there for you. To guide you, to help you and to save you up to 90% of your time writing lead pages, website copy that users and search engines will love and I keep all my ideas in the ideas section of my AI right in your WordPress dashboard. I work with all the top page builders and of course Gutenberg and the classic WordPress interface and I am RIGHT on your WordPress site whenever you need me.

Thanks Bertha, it’s been great talking with you, what’ s next?

Well, you and Vito have so many plans for me that I don’t really want to divulge, but one of the most exciting things I think that is here already is my kind-hearted nature and my willingness to help at a moment’s notice.

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