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Website owners find it difficult to write copy about themselves. With Bertha AI, all you need is a few words to make an about page, a dynamic sounding home page, calls to action and of course, regular blog posts and awesome product descriptions.

If you develop websites, you know that the main delays are caused by getting copy and even copy amends from your client. Don’t worry, you are not the only one.

Every single web designer and developer has faced this issue. So, what if you could offer high level copywriting services to your clients?

We know that this is and always has been a barrier to developers and designers.

Common comments and questions are:

I don’t know anything about this client or their business, all I do know is that I can design and build them a knockout website.
Its your duty as a designer and developer to get to know your clients business and yes, this can be a painful process – but, what about if you had a writing assistant that is intuitive, intelligent and never, ever gets writers block about any subject matter – and we mean ever!

With Bertha, generating copy for a few paragraphs is easy. She takes the brand, The basic description and tone of voice to create the best copy that you can find.

I just don’t know where to start, I have enough issues writing copy about what I do, let alone my variety of clients!
With Bertha by your side, all you have to tell her is the minimum about your clients’ brand, a two or three line description of what they do and you are off and running and, with her built in content improver, you can write multiple versions for client approval.

My client has hundreds of products and I really don’t want to get bogged down with writing sales copy for all of them.
Bertha has you covered with her Benefit list and Product Description tool – just put a product name, a one line description and let her help you write knockout, converting copy.

So, how do you earn more with Bertha?

In general, a good copywriter will charge anything between 15 cents a word and $1 a word, some even more. Its ok to charge these rates as great copy will always win over poor copy. It really is the secret sauce to getting more hits that are relevant to your clients desired customer.

I hope as a web developer or designer, you are offering care plans – it wasn’t too long ago that clients railed against care plans as they could not understand what needed to be done. Now, its so much easier to sell a client on a care plan, especially with all the hacking going on in social media platforms, the web and even our phones and home devices. Clients know they need a maintenance plan just as much as they need insurance for health, vehicles and homes.

The best way to earn money having Bertha as your AI writing assistant is to make it part of your care plan or even set up of the website. let’s not forget, Bertha is always on the website you build so, she is always ready, willing and able to help you, day or night!

How many times have you suffered at the hands of a client that just will not get you the copy for their really important website?

How many times have you asked them to provide the copy and they say – oh, can’t you just start – “you must have done a similar website like ours and then we can amend it?” I know, far too many times….

Just take a look at some of the things Bertha AI can help you with

Bertha is built into your website project

Bertha has been developed for WordPress users – out of the box! She connects to our server which then produces the copy you want, when you want it.

She will never leave the site unless you tell her to. She also tells you when you are running out of words (not a problem if you sign up to her unlimited package). Best of all , she keeps a running history on your clients website which you can use over and over again to give her hints as to what type of copy you like.

All in all, Bertha can help you create an extra or additional income – and that is not to be sneezed at.

Bertha can also help you create a care plan that suits your client – imagine being able to offer on topic blog writing and publishing services using an AI Writing assistant and actually being able to charge your clients for that essential marketing activity – and – saving at least 90% of your time writing the content.

Stop Imagining – Sign up and let Bertha AI help create your copywriting future together.

PS – Bertha wrote most of this copy

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