Bertha AI update – Version 1.6 is live!

Ver 1.6 is now LIVE! ????????

11 New Content Models, New Template Categories, New Trash Ideas and Drafts and more

We hope you had a great week – We’re continuing on our building sprints and we have a big one for you today!

Special note: We opened all of the new templates on the free version so that you can enjoy them and experiment – BUT most will be locked under Bertha PRO in a week from now.

If you haven’t upgraded to a PRO license yet >>

  • [New] FAQs List – Generate a list of frequently asked questions about a service or product.
  • [New] FAQ Answers – Get an answer to a question.
  • [New] Content Summary – Create a summary of an article/website/blog post. Great for SEO and to share on social media.
  • [New] Contact Form Blurb – Create a short description & Call to Action that will be used as the final persuasion text next to a contact form.
  • [New] SEO Keyword Suggestions – Generate suggestions of long-tail keywords that are related to your topic.
  • [New] SEO City Based Pages – Generate city page titles and descriptions for your city pages to help rank your website locally.
  • [New] Business or Product Name – Create a new business or product name from scratch based on a keyword.
  • [New] AIDA Marketing Framework – Awareness > Interest > Desire > Action – Structure your writing and create more compelling content.
  • [New] Before, After and Bridge – Get a short description to build a page with a before and after look, with a transition in between.
  • [New] PAS Framework – Problem > Agitate > Solution – A framework for planning and evaluating your content marketing activities.
  • [New] ???? Evil Bertha – Usually Bertha is nice and friendly, but not always…
  • [New] Trash Option – Was added to all the ideas and drafts in the new Long-Form Content Generator.
  • [Updated] We changed the name of the “Blurb Generator” to “Paragraph Generator” after we 3Xed its length on the last update – The Blurb Generator is basically a full-on Paragraph Generator now. It went from creating a sentence~ to creating a full paragraph about any topic, based on the title you input.
  • [New] Categories Based Sorting – Now that we have 30+ content models within the templates tab, it was time to reorganise the list. Especially since 10+ more are coming on the next update.
  • [Updted] UI Improvements – As we’re continuing the enhance Bertha, we will keep making small but important changes to the UI to make sure things are kept neatly organised and crystal clear!
  • [Updated] Long-Form Improvements – allowing you to load drafts with their pre-set formatting.
  • [Updated] Scan through all the WordPress native text areas – making sure Bertha can work everywhere, from categories and tags to inside Quick edits and 3rd party plugins’ WP based interfaces.
  • [Compatibility] Enhanced compatibility with Yoast SEO – So that you can push the title and descriptions tags directly into Yoast’s interface.
  • [Compatibility] Enhanced compatibility with Divi Builder – After their latest updates.

Don’t forget, with Bertha AI, you don’t have to learn anything, no recipes, no commands and most importantly, you can write copy exactly where you work – all within WordPress and your favorite SEO plugins and Page Builder Plugins as well. No Hassle, Bertha AI works just for you and your customers AND keeps all your history and favorites in your WordPress site.

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