Our mission is to empower website owners to create more effective content in less time,

so you can focus on what really matters - your business and your customers.

About Bertha and us

Bertha.ai is the world’s first AI-based writing assistant that helps website owners to generate content that is engaging, creative and converting within WordPress. Bertha uses the power of AI and natural language processing to help you in the biggest bottleneck of website creation – Content generation.

Bertha will give you frameworks, ideas and full-on textual content that will reduce the time your spend on generating content by up to 90%.

Leadership Team

Stephanie Hudson, CMO, Bertha AI.
Mahesh Pandey, CTO, Bertha AI

Bertha is not alone!

Stephanie Hudson leads our Marketing efforts as our CMO. Her knowledge of marketing and providing solutions is unsurpassed and , along with Andrew Palmer our CEO and his Development team headed up by Mahesh Pandey our CTO, Bertha is fast becoming the go to for AI Copywriting in the WordPress community. 

From an original idea formed out of a conversation with Vito Peleg, our Co Founder, we have built Bertha AI specifically for Web users that have writers block, need an assistant to write better copy  or are simply interested in using the latest AI technology to speed up the design, content generation and build process. 

We believe that every business should have a strong online presence today.

The internet is the new market place where people search for products and services 24/7. If your website doesn‘t have great content, people will leave your website and never come back.

That‘s why we want to help every business owner in the world to write great content for their websites through our AIbased writing assistant Bertha.ai.

Guess who wrote the copy for this website?

That’s right! Every piece of text for the entire website, including this sentence, was written with the help of Bertha.