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Bertha is the fastest way to create content for your WordPress website.

If you’re looking for a way to create content for your WordPress website quickly and easily, then a subscription to Bertha is the perfect solution. With Bertha, you’ll have access to a variety of content that’s been proven to convert, from blog posts to landing pages and product pages. Plus, with Bertha’s AI-based writing assistance, you can be sure that your content will be of the highest quality.

In the WordPress and SAAS ecosphere, subscriptions have become the norm. Sometimes though, its hard for users to justify a subscription payment that they may only use occasionally.

With Bertha AI we offer three ways of using her from version 1.9.9

You can opt for the free version which gives you 1,000 generated words a month every single month for free. The free version however, has a few things missing, the first being that users cannot choose where Bertha appears using the user role manager, the second is ASK ME ANYTHING is not available in free – it would be pointless as ASK ME ANYTHING is very powerful and she needs a lot of words available to write long form and free form content for you. The third and final thing is that users cannot control the usage on a per website basis.

Great news!
We are now bringing ASK ME ANYTHING into the PAY AS YOU GO option- yes, you only have access to a license for one website at a time as PAY AS YOU GO uses the free version license, and no, you don’t get to control where Bertha appears but heck! – ASK ME ANYTHING will change the way you can use Bertha AI.

By making Pay As You Go and Ask Me Anything available to all, we realise some may decide that a monthly subscription is unnecessary. As WordPress users and Web Developers ourselves, we know that Subscriptions and keeping tabs on them is hard – By using our Pay As You Go option, you can rest assured no payment will be taken unless you specifically – Pay As You Go. Cool, right? (Don’t forget, you need Bertha Free version installed to take advantage of pay as you go). 

pay as you go with Bertha AI

Of course, once you get used to Bertha AI and the way you can work together to write great content quickly and efficiently, we just know that you will want a subscription so you know Bertha is there for you when you need her the most.  You may find that you can offer any number of clients a great, competitive, copy writing service and need Bertha to always be there for you, you may want to write a book- yes Bertha can help with that too – or craft a perfectly worded email introduction, build a funnel for email and on site marketing or something else that requires Bertha’s help.

Whatever direction you want to go in with Bertha, she can be there for you in the most cost effective way for you! We update regularly so you can get the very best out of your relationship with Bertha AI so always check whether you are on the latest version.

We also want you to succeed in other ways too. Every paying subscriber gets added as an affiliate of Bertha automatically, so you can spread the word and earn 20% of what users buy, even on Pay As You Go. Another reason to go Pro! 

Here’s to your success and please, enjoy Ask Me Anything either on a subscription basis or on an Ad Hoc basis with our PAY AS YOU GO option. 

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