Radical Price Changes in Bertha AI

In this fast moving environment of AI Text generation and in line with my desire to bring AI to Everyone to be affordable and accessible. I am happy to announce one price for everyone.

Unlimited Websites and installs across WordPress and Chrome.

1,000,000 (One MIllion) Words a month for all users (Pro and Pro Unlimited users have been upgraded to 3,000,000 (Three million) words a month and if you wish to take advantage of the new pricing, simply cancel your current plan in your account and renew at the end of the update period.

If you purchased an annual package, you are free to cancel and update to the new monthly pricing once your year has expired. If you purchased a Life Time Deal, your account will be upgraded to Three million words a month on the next monthly update.

From today, all users can get the Monthly plan for just $20 US dollars a month which includes:

1 Million words a month

Unlimited WordPress installs

Unlimited Chrome Installs

20 Image generations per month

In WordPress – auto product Descriptions from Product titles for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

I have sunsetted Pro, Pro Unlimited and Pay as you go text. We have kept Pay as you go images.

Free users continue to get 5,000 words to start, with no access to our premium modules like Chat, Ask Me Anything and a few others.

My commitment to providing you, as a creator, with top-notch service and ensuring that AI technology is accessible to everyone has led me to adjust our pricing structure. This change is aimed at helping us remain competitive in the market while guaranteeing that you receive a premium service.

Introducing Bertha Lite

Chat, Write Code, Transcribe audio files up to 25MB. An Ai content assistant that lives in your Chrome Browser.

Finding the right words to say can be a challenging task for many content creators out there. Trying to come up with something unique, informative and appealing can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. However, with the help of Bertha Lite for Chrome, you can now say goodbye to writer’s block!

Bertha Lite is our new version designed for those who are looking for a reliable AI content generator without all the bells and whistles that come with the full version. This Chrome-only version provides access to chat and whisper features, giving you everything you need to get started on your writing project. With a generous 1,000 words a month in the free version and just $10.00 a month for 500,000 words in Lite for Chrome – it’s a no brainer to have bertha right by your side in your Chrome Browser.

One of the most notable features of Bertha Lite is its audio-to-text technology. With this feature, you can convert your audio recordings into text in a matter of seconds. This can save you a significant amount of time and effort when working on a project, allowing you to focus on other pressing matters. Not to mention the cost savings you can experience by not having to sign up for an OpenAI API key or spend money on other expensive content generators.

There’s no doubt that time is money, and with Bertha Lite for Chrome, you can have both!
You don’t have to worry about spending hours brainstorming what to write about, or even lose sleep over it. With Bertha Lite, you can create quality content in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

At Bertha, we understand that everyone’s needs are different, and we’ve created Bertha Lite to cater to those who want a simpler solution. By providing access to only the essential features, we believe that you can get the results you need, all at an affordable price.

If you want to save time, reduce costs, and still have access to a reliable AI content generator, then Bertha Lite for Chrome is the way to go. Give it a try today and see for yourself how it can transform your writing experience. We’re confident that you’ll love it! Note: Bertha Lite is NOT available as a WordPress Plugin

Benefits of Bertha AI include

No Waiting for 3 hours after you have used a certain amount of queries to our AI

Awesome Modules to help you get to where you need to be

Chat that can code (Beta), write long form articles and save you time and effort thinking about what you need to write about in any article, blog post or even story telling.

No need to sign up to your own API keys (a bit scary when you don’t have control over your AI costs)

Control of AI generative text costs

Unlimited users on any WordPress website and in Chrome

Search AI Images generated by others for free use

Convert 25mb of Audio to text and download an SRT file

Use anywhere on the web with our Chrome Extension (Note, if you have Bertha installed on a WordPress website, Bertha Chrome won’t appear in your browser).

Any Questions, hit us up on Support and we will get to you as soon as we can. I hope the below FAQ may help you understand my position on a number of questions that may be on your mind.

Will you be giving refunds on already purchased plans?

Unfortunately not, what you can do however, is simply cancel and when your account is due to renew, purchase the new plan if you want to.

I bought an annual plan, I am annoyed that I cannot get a refund?

I understand that and thank you for your early commitment and support. However, you are free to cancel and on renewing take advantage of our new monthly plan. I have also upgraded each annual and pro account to 3 million words a month to compensate for this issue.

Why have you done this?

I simply want Bertha AI to provide the best solution for all our users at a really competitive rate, we are also paying less to our supplier so, that should be passed on to everyone, right? I truly believe that Bertha AI offers a fantastic alternative to other solutions out there.

I think $20 a month is too much – do you have a cheaper option?

Not currently, but, we are working on a Chrome Extension that is just Chat and Whisper which will be priced at around $10.00 a month. This will not be available in WordPress.

Why only Monthly?

We all have our commitments and even now, subscriptions can be a pain to deal with.
With a monthly plan, you can cancel anytime and not worry about being overstretched if you are not using the service as much as you would like.

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4 Responses

  1. I believe this is an excellent move for Bertha in the quickly-evolving world of AI for content. As a very early supporter of Bertha, I’ve been extremely pleased with the direction and look forward to agency-focused features that make it simple for those of us managing multiple client websites to find ways to let Bertha be the helpful assistant our client’s can use in their first foray into AI for idea and content generation.

    1. Thanks Zack, the way AI is moving, we thought it best to offer the best deal we possibly can along with iterating new things in the future. Your support is fantastic.


  2. Hello, I have noticed that when using gpt chat and others, I get content with plagiarism. how does berta work with that?

    1. Hi Marcello. Bertha is trained to avoid Plagiarism, although we cannot guarantee it. We have done many tests and we know that Bertha reaches the criteria of acceptable plagiarism as would a human writer – of which is <15%

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