Learning Bertha with Vito Peleg

Our Co Founder – Vito Peleg gave a great demo of Bertha to the Atarim Community and how to build a website home page in literally 30 minutes.

Here’s the full transcript and video for your learning pleasure.

Vito Peleg: [00:00:00] it’s been a challenging couple of months trying to juggle everything together. But I think that we got to a place where now everything is working in tandem, so it makes it really nice. Complimenting solutions, then I can bring to our industry. And I would love to show you how we can use, the new product that we just launched today, which is called Bertha dot AI.

And how we can use Bertha to, generate content really fast for this, website that I’ve said happier. So I have this kind of wireframe I set up. So, I would just give it a few more minutes for people to start joining us in the agile joining, please let me know who you are in the chat, uh, who is joining us today.

And, where are you joining from? So let’s see, we have some people starting to join us from different areas. Okay. That’s cool. And yeah, let me know in the chat. So I know there’s a bit of delay. So what I’m really looking to do [00:01:00] today is to create, to make this as short as possible, this session as short as possible, it’s to create a full-on homepage in just a few minutes and really that’s gonna be my.

 Goal and my challenge for today. So I’ve done this a couple of times with this new tool that we have, and I would love to show you how that works. So let me know in the comments who is joining us, we have some people joining AVT. Oh, no, you got ahead. Got it. Right. Yeah. I got a haircut. How you doing girl?

It’s good to, it’s good to hear from you. And yeah, I got a haircut taking things to the next level, man. So what I want to do is I want to create this homepage with you guys today and to do that, I would like to have. Some kind of a business, uh, and we don’t need to know much about this business. We just need to have a business that we want to create this or something.

What is this homepage for? So please let me know. And maybe we’ll put this banner [00:02:00] here. Um, let you know, what is this

for? Let’s see that. We’d love to hear from you guys in the chat. What would you like me to build for this homepage? And I have a fallback and basically we’re going to build, rebuild the affiliate homepage, if, if required, but I would love to do it with, , one of your businesses. One of your hobbies, one of your side projects, one of your agencies, just let me know, in the.

The name of the business and what do you do? And I’m pretty much going to take it from there and build out this whole. And then ready to starting a knife, my knife chip. Okay. That’s good. That’s good. I hope that this is going to be, interesting for you to kind of like carry you through a little bit gap.

So let me know, what is this homepage going to be for? What are we building here? Let me know in that chat. And we’re going to have [00:03:00] some people joining us here. And great. Okay, cool. So we have some, uh, ideas started coming. I know this was like a really spontaneous, eh, jump onto live. Uh, but I still think we can make this happen and make something really beautiful here together.

So what I’m going to do is I’m. Take and create, some information for my own business for Atarim and is a platform that helps web agencies and freelancers, deliver website projects to clients. So we already have a whole page and, this is like, it’s a beautiful one, but we’re going to recreate this now with you guys together and with just this.

So that’s all that I need really, to get things started. With this new system. So let’s see what’s up. Who is Bertha? Bertha is an AI generated, uh, system that allows you to create a copy for your WordPress website. And it has, a bunch of different models that [00:04:00] are, um, that are designed old, trained after a few.

Um, oh, a little more than a thousand websites that I had the opportunity and privilege of creating for different people. And I took everything that I learned from that, and we basically created those models here, so that we can speed up the project creation time and really systemize the way that we’re gathering and creating content.

So let’s have a look how this works. So the first thing that I need to do is I’m going to go into birth. And I’m going to add some information here. Right? So when I delete all of the slower songs that we have, and we’re going to add the name of the company that we’re going to build this homepage for is called academe.

And for this, we’re going to drop in just a little bit of text here that that’s all that we need really only 300 characters and we have an ideal customer, which is web agencies and freelancers, and the tone of voice innovative. I like using that, but we can really choose [00:05:00] whatever we want to, uh, uh, to describe what we’re doing.

Let me zoom this in so you can see, what I’m doing here as well. Right? So we have tone of voice innovative, and I’m going to drop it out this banner and go back to here. Great. So I’m just going to save change. And now all that is left for me to do so, what I did is I loaded up these wireframing templates that we’re giving to every Ethereum user.

 You can find this within your account and it has basically all the components of a standard, a website. So all that we need to do now is just clean it out and decide what we’re going to keep, and we’re going to lay out our homepage. So let’s do that real quick. So we have three types of headlines here.

I’m going to keep this, this one with the two menus on the sides. And I’m going to change this text, change this text to a three that’s the homepage that we’re building. And then we have a few kind of hero sections. I’m going to keep this one [00:06:00] for the example and we’ll drop these ones. Okay. So it would have, I’m going to keep this guy and then we have some, uh, we have another one here that we don’t need.

We have those three icons. I think we’re going to keep that to present, some like, benefits of this service or this company, whatever it may be. And then we have a different type of section that gives us these icons. I just need one. So I’ll just remove these guys. Then we have left, right?

Type of content and actually want a few of these. So I’m just going to duplicate this and, uh, and I’m going to flip them. Right. Great. So now we have three left, right? Images areas. We don’t need this guy. And, we have this one was checkbox yet sharp. We’ll give this one with checkboxes, where did it go?

Dragged it somewhere, right. Probably find it later. And so, right. So we have this left right left, right. And we don’t need [00:07:00] this part and we don’t need content areas on homepage, like long content. This is more for this, but I will keep this nice testimonial block here. Great. Then we have these areas. We can use that for services or features or blog or whatever.

So I’m going to keep that for this and drop the rest. And finally, we have a way for people to contact us. So I’m going to keep this one.

Great. We have a whole page. So let’s review what we have. So. Uh, we have a top area here, uh, with, with the menus on the sides. We have a Hugo section with a unique selling proposition and the subhead subheadline here is what is a call to action and have a nice big picture here. Then we have three icons, full benefits or features, whatever we want to do that, over here, then we have left right left right type of content.

And we have. We’re going to use this one for a blog, let’s say, and [00:08:00] oh, maybe even feature some features that we have, we’ll decide that there. And then finally we have a contact us form and an area, right. So let’s save this first and we’re going to dive straight into creating the quantity. Okay. So, so far we are about seven minutes into this presentation.

We already have a layout, a page laid out full, full homepage wire frame laid out so that we can now just start creating the content for it. So to do this, if you’re joining us right now, what I did is I added some information into my. AI assistant into Berta and she will give me the content that I need.

All I need to do is just approve it or change it as required. So let’s start with the unique selling proposition. Let me delete this part, click Berta here and create a unique value proposition. And I have some of the, that’s all the texts that I gave the AI generate ideas. Let me just do quick quickly.

So we get the full. [00:09:00] Great. So we have a 80% less time on your agencies, web design projects, team and workloads. That’s a good one. I tell him is a web agency collaboration platform that makes managing team members, projects, and clients, a breeze. That’s also a good one project and team collaboration management software.

 That’s cool, but kind of blends. They control over your agency’s website projects, team and collaboration. Okay. This is a pretty good one. Let’s create some more ideas before we make a decision. The first complete WebEx is the solution. I liked that, take control where your, I just see what’s at project.

Right. Take it over. And you see, so actually like the ones that we got before. So I’m going to go to the history here and click here, and I’m just going to take one of the history items that I create. Thing was created 80% last time on your agency, web design projects, a theme. Yeah, the first and only browser though, the first, the only platform allows a web designers to build websites and web.

Uh, what we’re codebase, right? We’re building a new kind of, right. [00:10:00] So, oh, I kind of went too far to some of the history with different stuff that I had here. So I’m going to take, this one, they control over your agency. I like that. Cool. So we’ve got the first sentence in now let’s dive into the subheading.

So to do this, I’m actually actually need to copy this guy. I need the talk title, and now I’m just going to drop this X here. So let’s see what we’re getting here. And I’m going to go back to my templates and I’ll use, I don’t want this one anymore. When you subheading drop in the title that I have. And see where we’re getting a unique tool set, designed to help small agencies and freelancers manage projects, clients, and team.

That’s really cool, but I’m going to create a few more just to see what we’re getting here.

I think it was an online project management tool that lets you could take control over your web agency, [00:11:00] team and client collaboration. So actually like this as well. So let’s drop this one here as well and it’s get a few more.

I think he was the only cloud-based solution that streamlines all your agency, project, team, and workflow to boost productivity and profitability. There is a cloud collaboration platform that lets you manage monitor your agency. Or the name is a web as the web design project management suite for agency owners, team managers and freelancers.

I love that actually. So I’m just going to drop this in as well and we’ll see what we’re going to do with that. Okay, cool. So we have three sentences to choose from. All right. And, uh, we’re going to see which one works for us, but for now we’re just going to keep all three and then we’re going to see what’s next.

So now we have a call to action. Let’s see what we’re going to have here on the call to action. So I’m going to go back to the templates and there is a button call to action template here. And the action that I want them to do is start, And say [00:12:00] kind, something like that. Let’s see what it’s going to give me.

Start the free trial click here. Free trial rights. I’m kind of a generic ones. Let me see if I’m getting something a little more interesting. Start free trial, a free trial. Now start now and save time. Okay. Let’s do that. Oh, I accidentally closed it. Okay, great.

So now I have my button, for the image I’m going to upload the image later. So I’m going to continue on to the next space stage. So here we have this benefit section. Let’s see what, what we’re going to use here for the benefit section. First of all, we need a title for this section. So I’m going to go and choose another template and we need the section title generator.

So I’m going to choose from here. This is going to be like, um, let’s see what we’re going to use here. We’re going to use our features.[00:13:00]

And, we have a potent tool as a polling, the rep designers and design teams, or there is a complete web development platform that lets you take control over your agency. That kind of something similar here. But I could see that working here as well. I think , so I actually liked this one. So let’s put this in and I’m just going to clean out some of this, mess and great.

So we have our title here. We actually want another heading here, so I have a few. So something that will expand on this take control over your agencies, project, team, and client collaborations. Three was the only, that you take control over your web is team collaboration. That’s kind of the same, same kind of the same.

So we’re gonna try and take this and generate something for this part. So let’s have something creative here.

Choose another template let’s go to and blurb generator.[00:14:00]

But he was an innovative web collaboration platform that, that brings your agency, project, team, and client collaborations, all on the one roof with a domain, we spend 80% less time managing your client’s team and project to boost your agency’s profitability. Love it. First one in, so I want you guys to notice that I so far, I haven’t written anything.

Everything here was just generated by the AI. Even though it doesn’t really know anything about. All that it knows is a little bit of texts that I gave it 300 characters. So that’s like three sentences. Right. So now we have these three parts and what we want to have here is some benefits of our service, and then we’re going to expend those benefits.

So you got to get this headline and our first I’m going to go and create some benefits. Uh, so a benefits list, right? This generate.[00:15:00]

Alright, and I have a few of them here, to save 80% of your time managing clients andprojects to produce better work, short, shorter turnarounds, smaller learning curves for new team members. That’s great. Generate more leads and revenue. That’s not really relevant to what we do. Drag and drop website designer.

Manage it publish content easily, not really take control over the clients and the project booster, registered profitability. That’s a great one sped on the field of months, managing all tasks. That’s really we can’t promise that, and clients in control platform, project timeline, milestone, a visibility thing, collaboration and work flow management.

That’s great. So let’s talk some of these things in, and then we’ll just going to choose. And I’ll take this guy as well, transition Weber projects, that data, that, but if at least spend it, let’s generate a few more ideas.

 So we already have eight, but I want more fewer meetings, better collaboration between [00:16:00] teams, agile, project management high-quality deliverables. Okay. That’s really good. Efficiently manage team and projects. We receive the latest news from Atarim and then access all project details to a central dashboard and collaborate fully with your team.

Okay. This one is, there is a lot of great stuff here. Pain, your chaotic web design projects, team and workflows. I love that. We’re going to save this for maybe for something else here, boost your agency’s profitability and efficiency, elevate your brand’s value with a stylish smart and rich website connect face-to-face with guides.

Right? So let’s stop. I’m going to take a boost agency’s profitability and efficiency. That’s definitely what we’re doing. And, we’re also going to go through the next one and get this, uh, uh, let’s see what else I can take from here efficiently manage, team and projects. That’s great.[00:17:00]

And the third one that I’m going to use here is gonna be,

 Enhanced security for your clients now. Yeah, save 80%.

So we kind of talked about profitability and efficiency. We talked about managing team and project, and we talked about saving time. Okay. So this, this, this works for me, those three items. I’m going to try and get these, just short and a little bit, so they are balanced. So for this one, save 80% of your time.

Uh, many. Of your project completion time.

This is the first step thing that I have to type in really. And now let’s go and do some blurbs for this part. So now I need this and I have a [00:18:00] title that I’m going to expand. So choose this, and then we want to use the. Title to benefit section. So this is exactly this was designed for this parts. So as you can see, all I’m doing right now is I’m going from top to bottom because the system was designed or the tool was designed for building websites, as opposed to trying to figure out what to do.

I’m just going from top to bottom and I’m going to get everything that I need as I’m scrolling down. So title to benefit to benefit sections, that’d be put in the benefit and we have the description. And now it’s going to give me something to place here at the bottom. And I think we have to spend an expense like that.

Measuring a client’s a theme, uh, after him, we’re all about helping you boost your agency’s profitability and efficiency. That is why we offer a software solution that allows you to manage all your client’s team project levels in one place, uh, will help you boost your agency’s profitability by helping you manage projects, things that, sorry, let’s start this guy in and I’m just going to clean it up.[00:19:00]

Great. Moving on to the next one efficiently manage team and audit. So I need to do this again. It’s the same process title, uh, to benefit and great.

So let’s do what we got here, efficiently managed team and projects. I told him his web agency solution that allows you to manage your entire agency project. Uh, yeah, that’s great boost agency. Uh, with inefficiency, we already have that here. 3m allows you to manage your team clients and projects in one place.

No more spreadsheets, no more endless, even change. That’s great.

Awesome. Next. Save 80% of your time or project completion time,

or let’s say 80% of your project completion time. Right? [00:20:00] Let’s do it again to benefit section.

And then it lets you focus on your clients, not your web design projects. I love that we, that we can now concentrate on growing your business and expanding your client base with stress free workflow. Boom.

About three benefits in and we’re ready to go. So now we’re going to talk a bit about, uh, different features. So we, um, if we do a quick recap of what we have so far, we have our, um, our, um, um, unique setting proposition. We have a few, a few lines. I still haven’t decided which one of these great lines to keep, but we have just a few of them that we can use.

Now I make this screen bigger. And, uh, then we got the call to action button, text. Uh, we got this parts and three benefits. So [00:21:00] now I have this left right left. Right. I’m going to use this to highlight different features. So to do this, I’m going to need to, um, choose which features I want to focus on. So for example, we have a.

Uh, visual, um, collaboration inside the website. I’m going to pick this and create the text that is going to be placed here.

So, what we want to do is, um, there is a, there is a model that I think would work great for this, which is the product service description. It’s grateful for features as well. So let’s do that.

And write is the first visual collaboration platform that seriously integrate with any website designed to replace expensive bloated and complicated project management tools like best-fit bug Zilla, [00:22:00] JIRA, and , that’s really cool, uh, work with your clients, uh, team members and contractors seamlessly on their own with on the website.

Those live collaboration allows to manage projects, tasks, files, and conversations directly from the client site.

It’s clean it up a little bit. Right. We have a little blurb and, um, let’s get a new call to action here

and save,

start saving time today.

Right. Sometimes we get these kinds of real, uh, places, but this is a part of the AI process. Uh, basically we got what we came for and that is cool by me. Uh, [00:23:00] next up, we’re gonna, uh, oh, we have another small headline here. So, um, let’s do that. Let’s create some kind of, uh, of a headliner for this, eh, So I can even try it.

Yeah, let’s do that. So I can even try and get some of the benefits and then choose what to place on this one. So we’re going to do that and we’re just going to go and choose the features that I want to feature. And then we’re going to create a benefit list to spread them out in the different areas here.

All right. So, uh, we need a title for this. We’re going to feature the, um, um, one.[00:24:00]

We have a feature. Let’s expand on it.

I go back here, choose another template. And we’re going to click on product service description, dropping the piko or the product or the feature really. And let’s see what comes out. That’s kind of vague, but let’s see what they do or they do with this image. Optimization is a pain we know we’ve been there.

That’s why we created the AI ops to automate this process and save you time. As you can focus more on important things like your clients. That’s also already great. Um, we played the application design panel project, the one click image optimization customers do that for the add-on, especially designed to save you time with this add on, you’re able to upload and optimize images on your.

With a single click directly from the media library, set an image or a gallery features sticky and, okay, cool. So I can start working with this, [00:25:00] but I think that this one was a closer

and image optimization is our pain. We know we’ve been there. Um, but I can expand on this and say, download, upload, uh, I mean, if I save the download again and again and again, right.

That’s why I created the ad. That’s why we created, uh, uh, eh, we faded this unique feature. To automate the process and save you time. Right? Uh, so you can focus on more important things like your clients. Great. We got it.

Let’s go back [00:26:00] here. We don’t need this title because it’s already on the top and there we go. Um, we don’t need another call to action here. So I’ll delete this. And then we have a third one. Uh, so let’s do the central central and the agency dashboard, um, brings projects together. Now, I don’t know if this is such a good headline, so I’m going to use the quantity, a replacer to see if they can make, they can make it a little better for me.

If Bertha can make it better. So this is the text to getting.

Um, the exit, that’s what that is to create winning campaigns. Okay. That’s really cool with the agency. That’s what you can see everyone of your projects in one place, and then it [00:27:00] makes you a powerful creative team. Either one like that.

Uh, you know, I just see that world is the place where your projects and clients live. Um, I actually going to use this for here.

I haven’t picked the right place or kind of fumbled on the, which one is what here. So I’m gonna close this guy pick update.

And, um, just, just to flesh, just to kind of like, see what we have so far, we’re almost done.

Okay. So I lost this sentence. I’m just going to bring it back from here. I have the history, um,[00:28:00]

right then here, I’ve played this game.

With, uh, right. So we there say you can see every one of your projects in one place. They just that’s. What makes you a powerful creative? Yeah. This as well.

Awesome. So now we want it to do those three headlines. So we’re going to go back to our benefits and we’re going to choose stuff from these benefits. So let’s see that, take this back, go to history. And from the here, I can actually go through this benefit list and see what we have. Um, so we have the agency dashboard, agile project management that will work from here.[00:29:00]

Great. Then we have one click optimization, um, on higher biology activities. That’s good for this.

Yeah, I actually like the second one better even.

And full here, original collaboration thing or chaotic is on project team and workflow. That’s great.

We have a testimonial. We’re going to keep that full and actual testimony from a client. And then we have the blog, what we’re going to be using for the blog area. So we need a title for this blog area. And, uh, you know, instead of saying our blog or something [00:30:00] boring like that, let’s see what the title generator section title generator can give us.

Maybe it’ll give us some boring stuff, but hopefully not. Let’s see, uh, Eh, a blog or something fam commendation our services, how it works a news with the sign up

latest articles, this guy,

uh, five ways to improve USA. The conversion rate, the crazy new techno techniques in web design development are making it easy to create responsive. No, that’s not interesting. Uh, choose another template. Oh, sorry. Pick the wrong button. I want to use the, um, make this articles

and that gave us this kind of boring. Let’s see what else? Nothing really fancy about this based on [00:31:00] the content that we inserted in.

Nope. Didn’t get anything. Cool. So let’s try and get this from a different point of view. I’m going to go to the content to Fraser and just write in something like, um, uh, latest, uh, articles about web design and agency. Um, eh,

Uh, innovative web design edge workflows from experts at web design group, uh, um, latest articles about what is an agency workflow to help you kickstart [00:32:00] your own projects, saving precious time money. I love that. Okay. So

right. So we have our blog area set, um, And finally we have like a bit of a call to action for, um, for contacting us. So let’s go there and do the section title generator, and we’re going to choose the contact us section.

And we’ve got some boring ones. Let’s see if we get something a little more creative here. Uh, one did they control? Okay. I like that. All right. Cool. And then we want to also have some kind of a description for this. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to you is, um, some kind of a, we can do the blurb generator.[00:33:00]

Eh, I think it makes it easy to manage projects and workflow. In one place, we are writing the supporting, right. Uh, they control a website, project team cloud cover. She spent 80% less time. I, so it’s kind of like selling brings a groundbreaking solution that enables you to take control of your agency. Um, cool.

Um, actually this is kind of the end of this thing. So I might even use the, the conclusion paragraph.

That’s the one take control of your agency and the call to action is, um, eh, fill in the form below on this page.

[00:34:00] Um, as we can see, there are many things to consider when running a business there’s there is no reason to be scared of confused about it. As we can see, there are many tools to connect. We increase the productivity right now that you know how to take control your business. It’s time to get started. I like that it doesn’t really work with the title on top, but we’re going to fix that.

Eh, if you want to go a little ways and get results deserved and click here and fill in the form. Okay. Actually this works even better. Let’s do this guy.

Yeah. And we have even this, like with a call and all of that, uh, right. We don’t need the website cause we’re on the website.

Great. So we have it and now we’re just going to choose and see, there is some kind of a bug [00:35:00] here with a system, but let me see, uh, just not pushing, it’s not showing the text within, uh, here, but altogether, we got to the end and we’re going to hit the refresh just to make sure that the. Uh, we have the final say, and we’re just going to complete this awesomely.

Right? Awesome. Thank you, Facebook. Um, okay. Ah, we also have a few of those top lines that we saved here for later, and I think I’m going to reuse them for the bottom sentence as well. Right? It did fill this in. I just needed to refresh, so I actually don’t want to share this and we don’t like this type. Uh, but, um, maybe we can have like one final punch now.

I think that’s really easy enough here. Uh, so I’m going to use, instead of this, I’m just going to take one of those items. Um, I thought it was a web design project systems with no, it actually doesn’t fit. So now I need to just choose one from. And I’m done a unique tool set, [00:36:00] designed to help small agencies and freelancers manage projects, guides, and themes.

Uh, so we have smalls, we have bigger agencies, but a 3m is an online project management tool. There’s the control over your web agency, team and client collaboration. managed suite for web, which is the owners to managers and freelancers. Uh, okay. I’m going to take the. Oh, I, I like the unique tool set because this is really true about us.

So I’m going to create like some kind of a collaboration between this exactly what agencies and freelancers, eh, management actually made a decision and we have it. We have a homepage. It took us 30 minutes from having nothing to having it all written in as well as creating the layout. So we, we add like a blank page, but we are using the, um, wireframing template.

We, we created the template in like seven minutes and then in 20 25, 20 minutes, 25 minutes, we managed to [00:37:00] also generate all of the content for this page and really all that we gave the AI. Two sentences. This is all that he needed to create this. So Bertha is now on your side, and now we saw how to use this with elemental.

But if you need it for any other stuff, you can just click here at launch Bertha and you can use it for anything at any place. Let’s say we’re creating a new blog post. We can go to Gutenberg and, um, uh, get some blog posts, ideas. Let’s say, I don’t even know what to write. So let’s say ideas, uh, that property.

And it just based on my own agency, my own business is going to give me some ideas here. Uh, take control of your project. Five ways to boost your agency’s productivity and impress your clients. I like that let’s do this. So let’s just drop this guy in. I’m going to use this title as the Geico here. Now we want to actually [00:38:00] create the blog post.

Yeah. So let’s, let’s do that. Why not? We have a few more minutes here on this, especially that was a little faster than I thought. So I’m gonna continue and create this, uh, a small blog post based on this. So now I’m going to go back and I’m just, uh, now I need an outline. Well, how is the blog posts going to look like?

So let’s do an outline.

We have the blog posts. And all we need is the title. Okay.

And now we have an outline. Let’s check which one we want. Start your online search for tools early. You never know. Um, when aware new products will be launched. That’s true. That’s cool. Don’t get caught up in latest. Uh . I don’t even know what that is. Stay focused on your clients, their, uh, their needs and what you can do to improve their situation.

Hire an assistant to daycare. Okay. That’s really great. [00:39:00] Let’s do that. Um, But it only gave me four instead of a five. So I need a few more show information about single work stream, creating a knowledge base for Gibbs templates checklist for developing campaigns. That’s great. But if it doesn’t, one-on-one change your weekly staff meeting to biweekly or one time per month.

No, don’t do that. I send weekly status updates, uh, to clients and managers at a personal touch with each client request. Um, that’s really cool. Uh, but that’s not really. Have remote workers, uh, work in the office for a day and a half. Right. Make a plan to clean up your work environment. Ooh, that’s really, that’s a quick, quick one quick win and really effective, clean up your work environment.

Okay. So I have a like five points that I’m going to take from these, uh, a few points that was given here. I use a voice of quota with the brainstorm sessions instead of taking notes on one book, I don’t like that make a plan to clean up, set a timer, to increase productivity when creating social media [00:40:00] content.

That’s a good one, actually. Eh, but I’m going to keep some of the other ones here. So I have five. Great. So now these guys, they’re going to become my H twos. So, uh, let me create that frame. And this is going to be my. And also this is going to become my heading. Okay. Actually, it’s good that it did it to all of them.

Great. So we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 titles, and which we’re going to start, but before we actually dive into the content, we need like an introduction, uh, for this blog post. So let’s create an intro. I’m going to go back to Bertha, uh, go in here and we need an intro paragraph.

Um, right. What is the title? This is the title [00:41:00] and this is the sentiment and ideal customer. So I’m just going to keep that as maybe as like a friendly,

friendly, friendly generate ideas, full my intro paragraph for this blog posts.

And how can you be more productive at work? Uh, what is the secret to being a good web designer or developer? How do you impress your clients and get them to come back for more? Here are five ways to boost your agency’s productivity and impress your clients. And so you get the idea. Yo blog posts with could potentially bring you tons of traffic.

Right? So birthday is already telling me what’s going to happen when I like that. Um, boosting your agencies, productivity and impressing your clients, is that I actually, I think the first one nailed it.

So we’re going to clean up all of the, um, uh, watches and so on. [00:42:00] Yeah. Whereas this so on. And we’re going to, we don’t need this as a title. This is going to be like a. Just a paragraph

we’re going to dive in. So now we have these titles and we need to expand them. Let’s expand them. We have what we call the blurb generator hill. And we’re going to use that to expand these, uh, titles. So I just, the ICO, nobody knows what the company is. So he knows my focus and I’m right. Innovative companies constantly searched for new tools to increase productivity and allow their teams to do more.

They can find a way to make the process of adding new tools or application easier by, uh, by developing a dashboard that can help you manage. Right. So that’s a good starting point and plan organized research on the internet can be as bad as not at all. Not only do you miss that important opportunities also get beyond the competitors, uh, making your online [00:43:00] presence.

Right. That’s cool.

Uh, so we gave them what not to do now. Let’s give them what to do, um,

a innovative coming search. Well, let’s get a few more ideas just to see what we’re getting.

And no matter how experienced and established at the end of the appointment, man, that thing platform is built in a helper where design more get done. Uh, right. So you never know when your products will be launched. So, um, we can actually try and expand this in a different way. Let’s do that. When to go back to the blurb Genet, I.

And I’ll bring in the title that I have for the section. Start your online search for tools early. You never know when or where new products will be launched. And now I can play with my company description just to generate something that is more relevant. So let me just take this. I was going to drop this in and see [00:44:00] what we’re getting back.

Uh, with browser plugin, social dah, dah, dah, and this amount of information available online. It’s not easy to find where it’s never too early to start planning your online presence. The moment, you know, what your company is considering span, eh, expanding its online presence, um, has an online president.

Most of them use a fake one. So let’s use this guy.

Alright, well, I’m going to come back and upgrade this, but the assistant already did its work and gave me what I need to get started on this. Don’t get caught up on less this, uh, um, I don’t have to know what this word is, but I imagine it is a world. Uh, so let’s see

blurb generator. generate this.

Um, right. Loom [00:45:00] helps you take control over your, this is the kind of like gave me stuff that are relevant to a terrain. And let me see what else we have focused on your clients, their needs and what can be improved their situation. So I need something that is a little more generic than what was given to me here.

So let’s go and find the right tool to give us this, uh, solution, uh, maybe even.

This. Yeah, I’m going to use a actually, I’m going to use this one.

This is my Geico. And then I don’t get up with lady stand this, stay focused on your clients. Right. So I can change this again to kind of like give it a bit more information of what I’m writing about, uh, help you avoid wasting time on Swan, uh, uh, mundane details actually it’s really is relevant to what we’re talking about here.[00:46:00]

Um, all right, so we’re going to keep this one. And again, we’re going to use this as an assistant so that it did the research for me. And I can continue from here and write this off. And then, right. So I’m not going to write all of the other parts here, but we can already see the power or hire an assistant.

They could let’s do. Let’s do one more thing just to give this the power that we want and we’re going to do blurb generator. They control over this. And we’re going to talk a little bit about here. Hiring an assistant, finding an assistant is not busy, but it can save a whole lot of time for us, uh, in the long run.

Make sure you bitch. Uh, um, how to [00:47:00] execute

to organic.

Uh, many high level executives and managers in the web industry find themselves in similar situations. They need to delegate work that they simply don’t have time to. It might be writing articles, creating content for doing all, doing research. These tasks can be that’s great. Let’s do this. Um, and then instead of this, I’m going to take the next sentence, hiring an assistance, uh, is one of the most effective ways to increase your productivity.

Delegating, tedious tasks, uh, will free up your time. Okay, great. It’s going to clean it. And move on. Right? So let’s say we did all of those five points here and you could see them from, I’m going to spend 15 more minutes. I would have gotten those two additional points, but we got three out of five and now I’m [00:48:00] going to move over to the conclusion.

The article is this. And the call to action is, uh, a try. Are they.

As we can see, there are many ways to increase productivity in your agency. We have seen that, um, most of them are common sense, but not always easy to apply, but don’t worry. We have created a tool that would make it easier for you to help me impress your clients with the best possible results. Try to him now by visiting.

Uh, amazing. I think there’s even a page called the terrain for, uh, it’s not that common it’s dot IO. I’m going to fix that.

I get a link.[00:49:00]

Great. Well, love posts.

So thank you for joining me today. Let’s do a quick recap of what happened. Uh, we, we fed an AI, our basically the Mo the most powerful AI that is available today on the market. We fed it just two sentences about, uh, occurring. And, uh, we asked her to create the homepage and the blog post, and that. Uh, in 45 minutes, we created, uh, uh, the layout for the homepage.

We created all the content for the homepage and because we add some extra time, we just created the blog post, um, because why not? Uh, we didn’t even know what to write the blog post about. So the AI told us what to write discipline. And they gave us [00:50:00] all of the, um, points of what the blood posts will include and everything just from this piece of text, as you can see, I use my keyboard.

Um, maybe I wrote three, five sentences, uh, throughout this presentation, but we’ve actually generated, uh, 8,000 words. Uh, throughout this session. So I’m highly effective at saving time. And if we’re already talking about five ways to save your agency time, we should probably have a, you know, five ways to boost your agency’s productivity and impress your clients.

Probably a good way is to get them on Berta. So I want to give you everyone that is watching this a 1000 word. For free every single month. And you can give that to your clients as well. Just go to bertha.ai and get started here. So you see I’m only using our own stuff here. So I’m going to go in, call me from.

Great. So, um, get started for free. You’re going to get 1000 words every single month, so you can create [00:51:00] content for your website, upgrade your blog posts. And so on. All you need to do is click here and get started. You’re going to get the plugin, install it on your website and start creating content straight away.

So thanks for joining me today. Uh, let me know if you will, let me see some people here. Um, we have some people joining us. So let me know if you have any questions about AI. How does that work? Maybe you’ve seen some of those things out there, but you’re not really confident about how to implement this, or you’re not really confident about if this is going to be effective for your specific workflow.

So QA time guys, let me know in the comments, what do you think? What can we do? To help you start writing better content. Uh, let’s see. And I’m going to keep that open for just a few minutes, because today was a really, um, spontaneous, uh, live broadcast. So, uh, we don’t have many people with us. I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of people that are going to watch the replay.

Um, but I see that people enjoyed it because it got a bunch of [00:52:00] likes. Uh, so let me know if you have any questions about AI, about Bertha, how to speed up, uh, your content collection from clients. Maybe allow them to use this tool. Uh, maybe you can create it for them and just send it over to them to approve it so that when they get stuck, you have a way out of this process.

Eh, so yeah. Let me know any questions. Going twice or ride. So have a great evening everyone. And I’ll see you tomorrow. We have an interesting broadcast with, uh, eh, uh, with Johnny, from, uh, um, agency Mavericks from Troy Dean’s, um, coaching, uh, uh, program, uh, is going to be talking about. Um, uh, I just see profits as far as I remember, and this is going to be a really interesting session.

So come on, join us tomorrow for on the live broadcast. Pretty much the same time as today. Have a great[00:53:00] .

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