Boost Your Website Store Functionality with Barn2 Plugins

In the ever-evolving world of WordPress, finding the right plugins to enhance your website’s functionality can be a challenging task.

One company that stands out among the crowd is Barn2

With their innovative and user-friendly plugins, Barn2 offers a range of solutions to optimize your website’s performance and user experience. Here, I explore one of my favourites among many plugins and make some recommendations that I think you may well need when building out your WooCommerce store.

Just this past year, Katie and Andrew Keith have expanded their operation to include 16 employees across development, social media and web design and copywriting.

Barn2, against a backdrop of an ultra competitive market are growing almost exponentially

What does this mean to you as a developer or direct consumer?

Honesty and transparency – rare amongst some of the bigger companies out there.

Katie as CEO is driving the growth through X , email marketing and affiliate marketing by being open and honest about the business, on podcasts where she is highlighting not only her own growth plans but also helping fellow entrepreneurs to realise their own dreams through interviewing fellow business movers and shakers that have made it and are happy to pass on advice, tips and tricks and their experiences.

Andy continues his innovative programming skills which produces outstanding products that people like you and me need to make our website better and more profitable.

Katie and Andy are here for the long term which means, all their products will continue to get enhancements and receive excellent support.

Here’s one of my favourite plugins from Barn2

WooCommerce Product Table image
WooCommerce Product Table

WooCommerce Product Table

Enhance user experience by providing instant search, sorting, and filtering capabilities. Empower visitors to easily customize their browsing experience by allowing them to click on any column to sort the data according to their preference. Boost your sales by offering quick and convenient “Add to Cart” buttons that enable shoppers to effortlessly add multiple products and variations directly from your product list page.

Take complete control over product data management. Display a wide range of columns, including images/videos, price, attributes, custom fields, SKU. WooCommerce Product Table is a truly powerful plugin and in my view will give your store a head start on your competition.

Customers can find products by using the search, sort, or the filter dropdowns and widgets
Customers can find products by using the search, sort, or the filter dropdowns and widgets

Have precise control over product selection. Present all your products in a table format or selectively display/hide specific products based on categories, tags, or IDs.

Barn2 plugins are designed to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website, offering intuitive solutions for various needs. From optimizing your online store, organizing content, managing user access, to improving the browsing experience, Barn2 has a plugin for every use case.

By integrating these plugins into your website, you can take your online presence to new heights, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your visitors.

Customers can find products by using the search, sort, or the filter dropdowns and widgets
Customers can find products by using the search, sort, or the filter dropdowns and widgets

Discover the smooth merging of your platform with an extensive selection of plugins (currently boasting an impressive count of 16 – yes, you heard it right, 16 incredible add-ons to tailor your site to perfection). All meticulously tested and with proven compatibility.

One of the things I like as a Web Builder producing websites for restaurants is the
You can easily order multiple products and variations in a single click and effortlessly locate products with instant search and sorting options. Which is perfect for WooCommerce wholesale, order forms, and restaurant orders.

Barn2 are having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale soon. Be sure to take advantage of the offers and support an independent business that truly focusses on you, the customer, much like we do here at

Have a great week and don’t forget to visit Barn2 when you’re building out your Woo store.

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