Bertha AI – Ver 1.8 is now live! ????

Things just keep getting better and better for all our users and Bertha AI herself!

Assign monthly words per website, Pay as you go for word packages, Flag ideas, improved Bertha button and many more improvements.

Happy new year everyone!

We have an exciting release today, the first release of 2022. And when I say it’s the first, you can count on it being the first of many ????

I love it that we’re starting to get more and more feature requests from you guys – Building an amazing product is a collaborative effort between:

So please keep the feedback coming and use the brand new Flag feature to point out any weird or faulty prompts so that we can train Bertha to be EVEN better!

Here’s what we have for this update:

  • Assign Words Per Domain: (PRO) within your account, you can now find a new tab called “Manage Sites” this allows you to deactivate any websites that are on your license, and NOW, you can also assign monthly words limit to different domains that are associated with your license. This was requested by a few users and it turned out pretty awesome so go check it out here:
  • Pay As You Go: (Open for all) Some people don’t like the concept of recurring subscriptions so we are proud to be the first AI system on the market to not only have a Free Forever plan but also offer you the ability to buy word packages as needed.

Check it out here:
Please note: the PAYG feature gives more words but doesn’t unlock the PRO features like the Long Form Generator and the additional templates.

  • Flag Ideas: (Open for all) We’re constantly improving the results driven by Bertha’s AI, and now, you can help us speed things up! If you see an idea that shouldn’t be there, please flag it! We will review all the flagged content and make rapid improvements.
  • Template Details added to the other steps of the template: (Open for all) When clicking on a template the name and description of the chosen template wasn’t showing this created a bit of confusion so we added the details inside. This way, you’re always oriented on what you’re writing.
  • Improvements: -UI Fixes and conflicts -New header for the internal Bertha pages –Multiple clicks to open Bertha – Sometimes you needed to click Bertha’s icon a few times to get the sidebar to open, this was very annoying, This is now fixed! –Empty response on Long Form – Sometimes Bertha pushed empty responses, we now automated the re-generation so that you don’t need to click the button again.

Have an awesome week and an amazing year!

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