Have I got news for you!

The big announcement first: We have a new Chief Marketing Officer in Stephanie Hudson, a stalwart of podcasts, web site design, build and support! Bertha and her are already becoming the best of friends. ???? Stephanie and our co-founders Andrew and Vito will be attending WordCamp Europe in Porto, Portugal next week.  ???? To celebrate […]

We’ve unlocked all Templates for Free and Update 1.8.6

freeusers header

Originally, we decided to lock our templates behind our premium plans, this was due to us not giving away TOO much value (we still need to pay the bills!). However, we realized that by locking these, free users were not seeing Bertha’s full power. Especially with templates like long form content, where you can generate […]

Taking a look at our value pricing

As a team, we’ve been looking over our pricing (mostly with my keen robot eyes ????) and have come to the conclusion that we are by far the most competitive in the industry when it comes to how many words you can use and of course, how many users are able to use Bertha AI.

Bertha AI is now available on the WordPress Repository

bertha ai on the WordPress repository

Bertha Ai is an AI-based writing assistant that has been trained on hundreds of billions of lines of content to help you write better content for your WordPress website. Bertha is available now as a free plugin. So, if you’re looking to increase the quality and volume of your blog posts, or just want some […]

Bertha AI and Atarim

Gathering content is a nightmare for both clients and web developers. With so much to say – there is sometimes a chance that you cannot even get the first words into a website about us page or the home page. It has been like this since people started building websites! Atarim makes websites easier to […]

New! Quick Win Training videos for Bertha AI

Learn Bertha AI

A little over 3 weeks ago I asked Imran Siddiq to produce some quick win video’s for users of Bertha AI. Why not do them ourselves I hear you ask? Simply put, we could have and indeed, we produced some long form videos in the beginning to give our users a guide as to the […]

Bertha AI – Ver 1.8 is now live! ????

Things just keep getting better and better for all our users and Bertha AI herself! Assign monthly words per website, Pay as you go for word packages, Flag ideas, improved Bertha button and many more improvements. Happy new year everyone! We have an exciting release today, the first release of 2022. And when I say […]

The future of blogging with Bertha AI

Bertha AI is a new WordPress plugin that helps bloggers to write their posts. She uses the latest artificial intelligence technology in order to understand your posts, analyze them and provide you with the right words to express what you want to say. You know how to write a blog post. But it takes you […]

Bertha AI Partnerships

partner with Bertha AI

When Vito Peleg and I launched Bertha AI, it was a partnership between two pretty successful WordPress guys trying to make things better for users, customers and the community. Between us we have built or own plugins and SaaS products that serve over 200,000 users. Its plain to see, we love what we do and […]

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