Bertha AI Partnerships

partner with Bertha AI

When Vito Peleg and I launched Bertha AI, it was a partnership between two pretty successful WordPress guys trying to make things better for users, customers and the community. Between us we have built or own plugins and SaaS products that serve over 200,000 users. Its plain to see, we love what we do and […]

Bertha AI update – Version 1.6 is live!

bertha ai update 1.6 is live

Ver 1.6 is now LIVE!  11 New Content Models, New Template Categories, New Trash Ideas and Drafts and more We hope you had a great week – We’re continuing on our building sprints and we have a big one for you today! Special note: We opened all of the new templates on the free version so […]

Bertha AI and Visual Composer

What’s it like using Bertha AI and Visual Composer together? We take a look at the new version of Visual Composer, a WordPress page builder that has been used in over 5 million websites across the globe. If you’re into WordPress, you cannot have missed the influence in themes, and Websites and designs of web […]

How to write a blog post or article with Bertha AI

Be motivated above all else and provide content to your followers that they will want to follow and see in the future. Give them a reason to keep coming back for more. Using an AI Writing assistant to help you We all know that creating content for your WordPress website can be a pain in […]

How to install and use cases

Bertha is a global writing assistant that works across your WordPress website. It generates ideas for your website’s content based on your needs. It works with WordPress and many of the WordPress site builders.

What’s in a name?

One of the most important things in branding is a name. Your company, product or service name should be short, memorable and easy to spell. It must have a positive meaning behind it and suggest what your company does.

Earn Money with Bertha by your side

Website owners find it difficult to write copy about themselves. With Bertha AI, all you need is a few words to make an about page, a dynamic sounding home page, calls to action and of course, regular blog posts and awesome product descriptions. If you develop websites, you know that the main delays are caused […]

What is copywriting

Bertha is a writing assistant that has been trained on hundreds of billions of lines of content to help you write better content on your WordPress website and we all know, we need a helping hand on that, right?